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Van vs. utility pole at 10th & California knocked out power on Saturday

Photo by @fishermp

Around 10:30am on Saturday morning, a white van collided with a utility pole on the southeast corner of the intersection. The collision knocked out power to several blocks in the immediate area, including the stop lights.

SFPD, SFFD and PG&E were on the scene for much of the day, shutting off two blocks of California Street from 9th Avenue to 11th Avenue to traffic. When we went by the scene at 3:45pm, police still had the streets closed off but by dusk, repairs were complete and streets were re-opened.

Some residents lost power immediately after the accident, particularly on the north side of California Street as far up as 12th Avenue. Power was restored around 1pm.

We have not heard what caused the van to crash, or if there were any injuries in the incident.

Sarah B.

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9:03 pm | Posted under Traffic, Utilities | 5 comments
  1. Debbie said (08/4/13; 7:16 am):

    This happened before 900 am… it really did mess up traffic on Saturday making Clement Street worse.

  2. Cora said (08/4/13; 3:42 pm):

    The accident happened between 8:30 and 9:30 am. On 10th avenue bn Clement and California, we didn’t have power from the time of the accident until about 6 pm.

  3. Richmond Resident said (08/4/13; 10:24 pm):

    I would guess the van was at fault in this accident. Even though the telephone pole “stood its ground” I’m sure it was blameless.

  4. Derek said (08/5/13; 11:40 am):


  5. Rachel said (08/5/13; 11:51 am):

    It was still a mess when I took the 1 California around 1:30 pm…