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Traffic island being replaced at California/Cornwall & 7th Avenue

Photo by Roz A.

Reader Roz A. sent us the above photo today of work being done on the traffic island along California Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.

The island separates traffic between Cornwall and California Streets. Cornwall runs parallel to California from 7th Avenue up to Arguello Boulevard.

While she was there taking the photo, Roz witnessed an accident. She says the intersection is a difficult one and staff at Ashley’s Cafe on the northeast corner see about 2 accidents per week.

“It seems pretty negligent to not have some sort of stop or traffic calming. The fact that the stop sign is at 7th & Cornwall instead of at the island makes it confusing for drivers, I think. They have a tiny ped xing sign at the island on Cornwall & California, but i think it’s too low for drivers to see it,” Roz wrote in an email to us.

We’re not sure if the new traffic island will be any different or when it will be completed. But be on the lookout for construction crews, and keep your eyes peeled at that intersection!

Sarah B.

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1:47 pm | Posted under Traffic | 9 comments
  1. susan said:

    I live on the corner at that intersection & it’s scary – not only accidents but also a challenge to cross the crosswalks as many drivers don’t feel the need to give right away to pedestrians! The no parking signs on Cornwall were only for today, so I’m not sure what the plan is…. and there hadn’t been any sort of notice to the area on any construction.

  2. Chris D said:

    I hope they improve this. Cornwall @ both 6th and 7th is quite dangerous for pedestrians especially .

  3. Alai said:

    I’d love to see the island be made more substantial– something more than a small raised concrete platform. These two intersections are just about the largest expanse of asphalt in the Richmond, making it a pretty bleak area, despite their relative prominence as a transfer point and terminus.

  4. 4thGenRichmond said:

    My guess is a Muni Operator twisted an ankle getting to/from their private restroom. The condition of the narrow pavement at this bus stop has been horrid for over 20 years. I go out of my way to access the island from Sixth Avenue so I can avoid harming myself.

  5. Matt said:

    Similarly, they are putting up an island to prevent U-turns between 42nd and 43rd along Point Lobos in front of the Walgreens.

  6. Today’s Headlines | Streetsblog San Francisco said:

    […] Traffic Island Being Rebuilt at Dangerous Intersection in the Richmond (Richmond SF) […]

  7. Jeffrey Gray said:

    Last month while sitting outside at Ashleys I witnessed a driver drive right over the extension of the island designed to protect the crosswalk. The car made a hideous racket as the island and the underside of the car exchanged mutual grievances and the driver just blithely drove on.

    It is amazing how little skill is displayed by many drivers and that we accept it as a given.

  8. Roz Arbel said:

    Indeed, this intersection is far worse for pedestrians than it is for cars. We’re just waiting for someone to get killed here. It’s amazing to me that there is a school a half block away, and drivers still blow through the intersection like they’re racing the indy 5000 . I have seen a few cops lately scoping out traffic, but it’s far too infrequently. Can you imagine how much money the city would make if they nabbed people running the red light at 6th Ave?
    Another odd thing is the turn on the north east side of this intersection. It has a dip that many drivers cannot navigate. I saw some lady last week completely lose control of her car while making a right onto 7th from California. Next thing, someone will plow through the tables on the side of the cafe. Hopefully none of us will be sitting there!

  9. fiddles said:

    I second everything said here.