Local links: Fresh & Easy sold, Balboa stays alive, Yoga Tree, Sutro Heights fire, art stuff & more

The Tidy Shoppe aesthetics salon that opened at 4050 Geary this week. Photo by Derek

  • The Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market chain is being purchased by billionaire investor Ron Burkle. Burkle is buying 150 of the stores, and the remaining 50 will be shut down. It’s been confirmed that the store on 32nd Avenue and Clement will be one of the 150 stores that remains open. Burkle has been mum on his plans for breathing new life into the 150 stores he’s purchasing, but called Fresh & Easy “a tremendous foundation.”
  • In case you haven’t heard, the Balboa Theater reached their Kickstarter fundraising goal of $75,000. So now they can go digital and not dark. Congrats and good job Richmond District! They’re still taking donations, which will go towards digitizing the second theater.
  • Park Life is curating an art show of local artist Ryan Beavers in the office of Supervisor Eric Mar. There’s an opening reception this Friday, September 13 from 4:30pm-7:30pm at Mar’s office, which is located in Room 284 of City Hall. The public is welcome to attend.
  • In other art news, neighborhood artist Jay Mercado of donut painting fame, was recently profiled in the Chronicle Sunday magazine. Mercado has a studio on California and 10th Avenue, and told the Chronicle, “It’s nice to have a studio that’s accessible to people. I don’t want art to seem like it’s something that is elite. It should be accessible to everyone. I want to make them feel at home with artwork and be able to talk about it. If the mailman comes in and buys a painting, like she did once, I think that’s pretty cool.”
  • There’s a new yoga studio coming to the neighborhood. We heard from a reader that popular chain Yoga Tree will be opening on 6th Avenue between California and Lake Streets. We hear the outside is painted bright green. We haven’t heard when they’ll open for classes, but say your om’s and keep your eyes out.
  • Another fire broke out last week at a homeless encampment that located on the back of Sutro Heights Park. The last fire on Sutro hill was in January 2013 and because of its hard-to-reach location, fire crews have to hand carry hoses up behind homes on Balboa and up a flight of forty stairs to battle flames there.
  • A public hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, September 11 to discuss Cinderella Bakery’s (436 Balboa) proposed parklet. We haven’t seen any renderings of it yet, but if you want to attend, the meeting is at 9am at City Hall, Room 400.
  • A new aesthetics salon called The Tidy Shoppe opened this week at 4050 Geary near 5th Avenue. Service categories include bikini waxing, brows, tinting, face, threading, body and lashes. Online appointment booking is available through their website.
  • Have you seen the Snowy Plover? Join a free guided walk on Ocean Beach this Sunday with Brent Plater of the Wild Equity Institute to search for the Western Snowy Plover. This small shorebird is highly threatened by human activities and habitat degradation. Join the walk to see this adorable species in its native habitat and learn ways that you can help. The walk is from 10am – 12am and RSVP online is required.
  • The Chronicle recently wrote about Glenn Gable, a one-man anti-graffiti crusader in the Richmond District, and why we’re not likely to see tags removed from neighborhood mailboxes anytime soon.
  • The complete lineup was recently confirmed for the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival, taking place in Golden Gate Park on October 4-6, 2013. Highlights include Chris Isaak, Los Lobos, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris Gogol Bordello, Nick Lowe, Boz Scaggs, and dozens more.


  1. That Tidy Shoppe is actually on Geary and 5th… maybe they’re opening 2, but if you click through their website, their address is listed as 4050 Geary blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118
    Only noticed because I walked by it the other day!

  2. @Annika – Thanks! Their website homepage had no address, and I misunderstood my tipster’s directions. Appreciate the correction!

    Sarah B.

  3. No worries! So excited to hear about that Yoga Tree too – thanks for keeping me updated!

  4. I’m bummed about the Fresh and Easy news but am hopeful a market of some sort will remain in this location. Anytime I’ve gone to F&E there are always quite a few people shopping so I think there is a demand for a store here.

  5. Speaking of Fresh and Easy and markets near this spot, what’s up with the Outlet Grocery going in at 28th and Geary? Any way we can veto this? Maybe pray for a Trader Joes instead?

  6. Oh! If there were a way to get a Trader Joe’s at 27th/28th and Geary, I would be in grocery store HEAVEN, since I live across the street!

    They’ve already started construction on the Grocery Outlet though…

  7. Yaaaaaaayyyyyy! I am so excited for Yoga Tree, we really need a good yoga studio in the hood and that spot has been empty forever! Woo hoo!

  8. With the traffic and the crowds for a Trader Joe’s…the neighbors will not be pleased,

  9. I really hope that fresh and easy stays. I would hate to see that space empty again and it oddly usually has everything I’m looking for!

  10. Excited by the prospect of having a yoga studio within easy walking distance again!

  11. I’m finding more out about what’s going on by visiting richmondsfblog.com then I do by going to sfgate.com

  12. Sweet picture! We are having a grand opening Oct. 5 th from 7-midnight stop by and say hi! Thank you for the support!!!!!!’

  13. I’ve confirmed with Andrew Ross of the Chronicle, who confirmed with Fresh and Easy’s PR and Corporate Affairs Director that this store will not be closing. I know some people aren’t crazy about this store, but the quality of their meat so far surpasses Safeway La Playa, that I’ll no longer even buy meat from that Safeway even though I live a block away. Anyways, yep, don’t plan on that store going anywhere, and I for one am thankful.

  14. Thanks Scott C. I personally like Fresh & Easy so I am happy it will be staying. Plus anything is better than another empty storefront in this neighborhood.

  15. That’s great news about F&E. I like this store and it is easier and faster for me to shop here than TJs or Safeway a lot of the time.

    Have you guys seen the newish parklet by Cumaica on Clement? It’s nice…

  16. So glad to hear that F&E will stay open and that Yoga Tree is joining us!

    Any updated on how the parklet meeting for Cindarella went? I hope they got it…great spot for food and the extra outdoor seating will be well used.

  17. Super stoked to see F&E remain and am curious how the food lineup will change over the next year, especially with the Wild Oats tie in.

    WTF is with the fires at that property by Sutro Park? What a horrible waste of space. That area is just waiting to be beautified.

  18. So that’s what the deal is with the lime green paint job. Well, it’s not my first choice, but good luck to them. Anything’s better than an empty building.

  19. Have you mentioned Lola’s yet? It opened up a few weeks ago in the space that used to be occupied by April in Paris. Nice (and pricey!) clothing. The spot where Java Source used to be has had a lot of remodeling activity going on lately. The other day they had the wooden boards temporarily down from the patio windows and I saw an entire wall of plants!

  20. Also, the former Haig’s Delicacies space has a change of ownership notification up. I didn’t stop to read it but I think I saw food and alcohol mentioned on it. Another cafe is always welcomed.

  21. Also, Clement Street Nursery finished their big remodel of the old 3 Bees Nursery and reopened August 31st. Good folks, and they know their plants.

  22. YAY YOGA TREE. I’ve been going to the one on stanyan for years, this is the best new I’ve heard all week. Keep us updated!!

  23. Yay on F&E. Love their chicken, pork, pre-marinated pork tenderloin, and salsa. They cover most of my basics, and I must say I’ve never been a fan of Trader Joe’s (different strokes…). Choice is always good for the community, be it cafes, restaurants, or whatever. Good news also on the Balboa! Now all we need is a proper pub near to the Clay Oven.

  24. I’m waiting for grocery outlet..
    whats wrong with grocery outlet…bargain market…catchy jingle

  25. Fresh n Easy sounds like a deodorant or feminine hygiene spray. I live a few blocks away and Ive been in there only three times. Terrible and the LA Times reported on how they dont ‘get’ US consumers preferences. I shop a mixture of TJs, Safeway, and Other Avenues food coop on Judah. Fresh and Easy cant even stock a decent deal on toilet paper. From their wine to their snack foods, I shake my head at the lousy offerings. In contrast, CVS next door has sales I can take advantage of.
    See LA Times article – “5 Years In, Fresh n Easy Is a Flop”

    When Albertsons first opened there, I had high hopes of a San Francisco supermarket that understands people here want a hybrid of Safeway and Whole Foods/Trader Joes. Instead, Albertsons had an entire aisle – 50 – 100 feet of campbell’s Soup. That crap may play in the mid-west, but not here. I am shocked and amazed large retailers dont study and adjust for the local shoppers. Mere blocks away are some of the wealthiest homes in the nation – and they kept going to at Bryan’s Grocery at Laurel Village. Quite clueless to no look at local tastes, esp when Clement St is chock full of produce markets.

  26. Wow Fay, you seem to really have it in for Fresh and Easy. I personally love their selections, especially the 99 cent flan snack cups. So. Good. Perhaps my lack of “American-ness” is because I was born and raised in Massachusetts. We only started the Revolution, but whatev…

    Also, this is SF, not LA.

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