Sunday Streets, expanded Farmer’s Market comes to Clement Street – Oct. 27

This Sunday is like prom night for Clement Street with two big events taking place – Sunday Streets and a one-time-only expanded Farmer’s Market.

Sunday Streets is a city-wide program that moves from neighborhood to neighborhood, closing off streets to traffic to allow residents to walk, ride and generally frolic along the route. To date, the closest one to our neighborhood has been along the Great Highway.

This week’s Sunday Streets will include the closure of nearly two miles of the Richmond District, running from Fulton down Arguello to Clement Street, and from the first block of Clement Street all the way out to Funston Avenue.

Along the Sunday Streets route, you’ll find merchants, live music and neighborhood organizations offering fun activities. The Clement Street Merchants are hosting a Halloween costume parade (meet at The Mysterious Rack, 12 Clement Street at 2pm), and the Richmond District YMCA will be out all day offering parachute games and an obstacle course, and will also host 10 minute Zumba classes between 12 to 2pm.

Sports Basement will be setting up on Arguello to do free minor bike repairs, and if you don’t have a bike, Parkwide will be at Arguello and McAllister offering free bike rentals for one hour. Also be on the lookout for Balboa Street’s Purusha Yoga, bike riding demos at SanFranCyclo, and salsa lessons from Neck of the Woods.

Pets are welcome along the Sunday Streets route but not in the Clement Street Farmer’s Market (Clement Street from Arguello to 5th Avenue).

Check the Sunday Streets schedule for the full list of activities & their locations.

Accompanying the special Sunday Streets will be an expanded Clement Street Farmer’s Market, which will run from Arguello all the way to 5th Avenue from 9am until 2pm. So bring extra reusable bags because there will be a lot more vendors to shop, which means more great produce, organic goodness, baked treats and more.

The Sunday Streets route will be closed to traffic from 11am until 4pm but also to any parking along the route. Cars that are parked along the route (both sides of the street) will be towed if not moved prior to 7am on Sunday morning. Tow areas include:

  • Clement Street from Arguello Boulevard to Funston Avenue
  • Arguello Boulevard from Fulton Street to Clement Street
  • 3rd Avenue (first three spaces north and south of Clement on the east side)

If you have questions about the event or need to arrange vehicle access during the event times, contact sundaystreets@liveablecity.org or (415) 344-0489 x2.

If you have to drive to Sunday Streets (or want to invite friends from other neighborhoods to come visit!), Roosevelt Middle School will provide parking for $5 per car. They will have their schoolyard available for parking from 8:30am – 3:30pm; enter on Palm Avenue between Euclid and Geary. Note: They open their lot every Sunday for parking during the Farmer’s Market.

Enjoy your streets this Sunday!

Sarah B.


  1. Any advice on how to protect your terrified children from the enormous mutant penguins?

  2. I am going to the bike riding demo for sure! Those two-wheelers have always confounded me.

  3. Clarification: The market will have the same number of stalls, but will be on a single side of 4 blocks rather than both sides of 2 blocks. This is to give the Sunday Streets people more room.

    Peter Lauterborn
    Legislative Aide
    Supervisor Eric Mar, District 1
    Office: (415) 554-7411

  4. So stoked to see this finally happening in our neighborhood! If the event is popular it can be a recurring route every year, so make sure you come out and show your support, stop by the info booths and let the team know you’d like them to come back next year!

    And with a little luck maybe we can convince the city to let them cross Park Presidio next year and include the Outer Clement and Outer Balboa strips.

    Hooray Sunday Streets!

  5. I am a huge fan of Sunday Streets, and without a doubt the best ones are always in the Mission– on Valencia and 24th– where it’s smack dab in the middle of a lot of commercial, residential, and cultural spaces. The ones in GGP and the Great Highway are pleasant enough, but they don’t have nearly the same level of activity and engagement.

    Clement Street is really an excellent commercial street, and it’s ideally suited to Sunday Streets. I’m looking forward to Sunday, and I hope it’s the beginning of something great.

  6. I walked up and down Clement from Arguello to 10th Avenue around 11:30 am. I feel so bad for the businesses from 6th to 10th Avenue. No cars means no business for them. I couldn’t find parking on Geary. Elderlies need to be dropped off in front of the restaurants to eat, so they can’t do that today. Schubert Bakery is usually packed on Sunday, and there was absolutely no line! Sunday Streets is a sure way to kill business for merchants. I noticed the store fronts from 2nd Ave to 3rd Ave on the Northern side were empty. How can business survive? We should have farmer markets inside Rossevelt Middle school yard with half parking and half vendors. Stonestown is successful because people drive, stop, pick up a few things, and leave. I never go to 9th & Irving Farmers Market because there is no parking, but at least they have it inside the parking lot. I really think the people who get the most is the parking/traffic personnel who were located at the intersection of Arguello and Geary. They got to be paid, stand, and talk to each other. That is a great job! Thank you Sports Basement and Clif Bar for being there. They were the big names there. Arguello between Geary and Clement was such a long block of very few community services. Doesn’t Richmond have any community services that we can highlight? I saw On Lok, Red Cross, Dance school, and about 6-7 minor ones. If this is done again, could there be more outreach to have free booths to showcase Richmond community: Kaiser, Beacon, Youth services, YMCA, Jewish center, JCCC, RAMS, are there any others? I liked that there were at least 4 bands playing very cool music. Mother nature wasn’t cooperating today; it was gray and cold. We should have free bike rents or $3 for 1/2 hour bike rentals so that people can actually go up and down this empty and deserted Clement Street. What ever happen to those bouncing companies? They always attract children.

  7. Gah! Boomer cover bands!! Well, that should frighten the orange elephant away, if nothing else. All the noise, noise, noise, noise…

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