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Stolen car running red light leads to major accident at 10th Ave & Geary

Photo by jdonnellydc

At around 12:30pm on Wednesday, a major accident occurred at the intersection of Geary Boulevard and 10th Avenue. The Examiner reports that the crash was caused by a stolen car running the red light. The car was a blue, four door Honda.

At least four other cars were involved in the collision, including an upended Lexus SUV in front of the Mattress Discounters store.

All four drivers and one pedestrian were hospitalized but their condition is unknown. Police told onlookers that the street where the accident occurred would be closed for at least 4 hours.

Sarah B.

Photo by Derek

Photo by Derek

Photo by Derek

The stolen car. Photo by Derek

The stolen car. Photo by Derek

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3:44 pm | Posted under Traffic | 10 comments
  1. John Leehowl said (10/30/13; 4:47 pm):

    Thief was reportedly not being pursued and it’s a damn old car, what’s the deal running the light? The novice perp could have easily driven quietly to Napa to sip wine and nobody would notice. If he stole the clunker in this ‘hood, owner might not have realized it until street-sweeping day and perhaps would have merely collected insurance. What a waste for a junkyard special, and maybe incurring lifelong injuries to the innocent. Thieves need to stay out of the Richmond! Would be nice if Ferrigno would try to make that happen.

  2. roz said (10/30/13; 7:37 pm):

    jeez….it’s a miracle no one was killed. people run red lights all of the time out here, it was just a matter of time.

  3. Jen said (10/30/13; 8:09 pm):

    Hang them.

  4. Didier said (10/30/13; 10:52 pm):

    Hang them. Hang them please.

  5. Gary C said (10/31/13; 12:31 am):

    Not only are people running red lights, people drive 30-35 (at least) on a 25 mph speed limit.
    Some motorcycles riders use Geary blvd as the fast lane doubling the speed limit .
    Thankfully Motorcycle Police does a good job in the mornings, otherwise this would happen every day.
    Everyone needs to slow down to speed limit

  6. renee said (10/31/13; 10:45 pm):

    Agree, Gary C, except there needs to be way more cops on Geary (especially) during morning and afternoon rush hours. There are schools and kids trying to cross Geary and many, many more cars than even 6 months ago. Some of these transplants (and no doubt some long-time residents) treat Geary like a freeway. I’ve seen pedestrians almost get hit, especially when it’s not foggy and the sun is in drivers’ eyes. SLOW DOWN!!!!! Your being late for work is your problem, not everyone else’s.

  7. Derek said (11/2/13; 11:14 am):

    Don’t know how often they do it but every once in awhile SFPD do sting operations regarding pedestrian right of way. They have plain clothes officers walk across an intersection and also have a motorcycle officer watching to see who doesn’t stop for ‘em.

    Once they see someone who goes through an intersection while the plain clothes officer is walking through, ZOOM!! Off they go and a ticket is written up moments afterwards. The news picks up on the story and that calms things down for awhile.

  8. Bob said (11/4/13; 1:20 pm):

    I go 25 on Geary and am passed by everyone — even when it’s early in the morning, and these drivers KNOW I’m just going to meet them at the next traffic light.

    While I agree that drivers don’t treat pedestrian crossings with enough respect, sometimes it’s confusing to know what to do. You have older/slower pedestrians waiting patiently who prefer to let all cars pass before going; if you stop for them, they don’t want to cross, fearing the car in your next lane won’t stop. And then if you catch out of your eye that a pedestrian is just starting to cross and put on the brakes, that guy behind you going too fast can rear-end you, or at least screeches to a halt..

    Can anybody enlighten me about islands? Let’s say I’m going east on Geary, and there’s a pedestrian in the crosswalk where traffic is going west; there’s an island between east/west lanes. Am I supposed to stop?

    BTW, there’s a new speed bump in the upper 30s on Clement. Pretty much forces you to slow down.

  9. Jean said (11/16/13; 10:06 am):

    Re. Bob,

    I’m pretty sure that you’re supposed to stop once a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, even if there’s an island between eastbound and westbound traffic. Better safe than sorry.

  10. Bob said (11/16/13; 10:22 am):

    Thanks Jean.

    BTW, the “speed hump” on Clement is gone (except for the signs telling you there is one). I have no idea why, or whether it’s coming back. A mystery.