Video: Three teens rescued after falling from cliffs near China Beach

Around 12noon today, three teenagers fell from an area of cliff near China Beach. One of the teens, a girl, was injured during the fall, which landed them in an area inaccessible by walking trails.

Both the SFFD and Coast onhealthy actos online Guard assisted in the rescue effort, providing a boat, jet skis and a helicopter to reach the teens and evacuate them.

“There is a third, more critical victim that will be taken off the beach by Coast Guard helicopter. We use c-spine precautions and evaluate their mental status. One of the patient’s mental status is altered,” SFFD Battalion Chief Bryan Rubenstein told CBS.

The three teens were taken to the Coast Guard station at Fort Baker for treatment.

Just yesterday, a woman had to be rescued from a bluff at Ocean Beach after a leg injury prevented her from leaving the area safely.

Sarah B.


  1. oy, gravity.

    (Apparently moving the viewpoint didn’t make the steep scramble down the cliff any less enticing).

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