Local links: MUNIhack, Bubble tea wars, hot wings, greenbates & more

Photo by Bolditalic

Farewell Friday, hello weekend! Here are some local links to ease you into it…

  • #MUNIhack – Nope, you’re not seeing things. That is a Prius with trolley poles on its roof so it can run off the power from MUNI lines. Bolditalic got’s the story about the car’s creator, an outer Richmond District resident named Jon. “You know it, dude! 150 miles of free energy courtesy of Mr. MTA!”
  • #Springblooms – The Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park is hosting a Spring Bloom sale this Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Featuring many varieties of Grevillea, Abutilon and the garden’s native Ceanothus, Iris and assorted annual native wildflower starts.
  • #HotWings – Wings fans will be finding their way to Hot Sauce and Panko (1545 Clement) soon after a nice review in the Chronicle. “But it would be a shame not to make Hot Sauce and Panko part of the weekly routine. With a dozen varieties of the handheld chicken pieces at any given time, not to mention a couple of seriously decadent sandwiches, this place is worth a visit.”
  • #GreenBates – The SF Dept of Energy is hosting a Energy Upgrade California workshop at the Anza branch library on Saturday, April 12 from 2-3pm. Learn how to increase your home’s energy efficiency with energy upgrades such as sealing air leaks or installing insulation, a new furnace, or energy efficient window – moves that could yield you $1,000 to $4,500 in rebates. A neighborhood resident will there to talk about his experience in the program.
  • #BubbleTeaWars – Share Tea recently opened on Geary near 18th Avenue in what used to be the Samila Thai restaurant space. They have two other locations in Berkeley and San Mateo. The 5336 Geary location is open Sunday – Thursday from 12noon to 9pm, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. We may have a bubble tea war on our hands – InfiniTea is just across the street.


  1. …Started out to say the Second Bubble Tea Bubble (since bubbles so often are numbered, in hindsight).

  2. In spite of the driver’s statement that he can’t really work the car “in the avenues,” I think the pic is from 32nd and Balboa.

  3. @ Gabriel, I think so too. Looks like it is near Washington High School.

    @ Ben P., The bubble team (fattening) mania still has not left. Purple Cow on Balboa still draws lines 30+ minutes long; questionable use of time unless you have both the time and a high enough metabolism to burn the sheer fat. And further away in San Mateo Tpumps is equally crazed. Just depends on the target audience (younger singles and couples) b/c one rarely finds busy older families with children at these places.

    Looking forward to the day a sweet low-fat healthier alternative is opened. Anyone got any suggestions?

  4. The car story was posted on April 1, 2014. I think it might be a joke.

  5. The lines at Purple Kow can be ridiculous. Sadly, I’ll admit I have waited 30+ min a couple times.
    They do let you change how much sugar you want now. Just have to go at off times for less crowds.

  6. Definite but clever fake! Now if there was video shot by multiple cameras of it actually driving around and people walking up to it, touching it, etc. it might be more convincing ;^}

  7. The Prius Muni thing is a great April Fool’s joke! Very well done. I appreciate the thoughtful effort it must have taken, and some pretty good photo-shop work.

  8. *smacks forehead* Goodness gracious! Absolutely did not catch the Prius Muni was a clever joke. Good one! Thanks for the chuckles.

  9. @Gabriel @Cha Sao Bao Sorry, that’s Franklin Square at 16th and Bryant.

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