Spotted: Coyote crossing at 37th Avenue & Geary

Photo by Jennifer Anwaya

Reader Jennifer A. spotted a coyote on Monday night, but not in Golden Gate Park, the Presidio or Lincoln Park where they’re usually seen.

This one was crossing the street at Geary and 37th Avenue. Maybe he was on his way to the Balboa Theater to see Captain America?

Sarah B.


  1. He or she is in the crosswalk, alert, and not on his phone. What a laudable citizen!

  2. But the question is….

    *why* did the coyote cross the road?

  3. Saw one on 32nd and Clement at 5:29am while on the #1- Cal bus about a year ago. The driver stopped and the coyote urinated in the street before trotting off.

  4. That’s probably the coyote that cruises around Sutro Park and Lands End…just saw one in Sutro a couple of months ago (up a tree believe it or not) while walking my dog and took photos, next time I’ll send to richmondblog!…anyone with small dogs in those areas keep your eyes open!

  5. I”m going to tell my bicycle buddies that this is a reason to stop before the crosswalk and not in it. Pedestrians have the right of way, might surprise you from behind a car, and might bite you if you are in the crosswalk.

  6. There are usually 2 of them around here, the VA and Fort Miley. Unfortunately, a neighbor or VA employee has decided it’s a good idea to put bacon, bread and other food in the trees for the coyotes and raccoons, usually along the path from the VA to the golf course. My dog has has had the pleasure of chasing them several times over the years….

  7. Great catch, Jennifer A ! Last time I saw one was a rather scrawny one crossing the golf fairway very close to the palace of Legion of Honor

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