Police Blotter – May 1, 2014

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of May 1, 2014. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

As the SFPD increases its use of technology for communicating with the public, one thing remains constant: The best way to get the police when you need us is to call SFPD dispatch. For an emergency, call 911 and for other problems call 553-0123.

Recently, people sent e-mails or Twitter messages asking us to respond to crimes in progress. Since we don’t monitor our Twitter or e-mail accounts every minute of the day, we did not see these messages right away.

However, there are always call takers and dispatchers on duty at the City’s Department of Emergency Management. These hard working, highly trained professionals are the ones who answer whenever you call 911 or 553-0123. They run a state of the art operation designed to send first responders to emergencies quickly and efficiently. Because dispatching operations are centralized, it is much better to call dispatch for a crime in progress than it is to call the station.

I am pleased to report that the officers of Richmond Station have one of the quickest average response times to emergency calls in the City.

Our next Community meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 6pm. It will be in the Community Room, here at Richmond Station, 461 6th Ave.

On 04/26/14 at 6:30pm, officers stopped a bicyclist for a moving violation at Washington and Presidio. It was determined that the bicyclist had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from Alameda County. The officers then searched the suspect and located methamphetamine in his pocket. When the officer showed the suspect what he had removed from his pocket, the suspect said, “What’s that? These are not my pants.” The 52 year old male was charged with the narcotic violation and the warrant.

On 04/27/14 at 11:30pm, officers were called to an injury accident at 35th and Balboa Sts. Officers determined that the driver of a vehicle, traveling west on Balboa, struck two pedestrians that were crossing Balboa, northbound in the crosswalk. Officers determined that the driver, a 47yr old male, was driving while intoxicated and booked accordingly. The two pedestrians were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.

On 04/18/14 at 3:54pm on the 200 block of 30th Ave, a male was captured on surveillance video stealing packages from the front of the home. The suspect was identified and on 04/29/14 plainclothes officers located the male on the 5900 block of California and detained him. The 31yr old male was charged with the theft.

On 04/29/14 at 4:45am, officers responded to a call of a male possibly casing vehicles on 12th between California and Clement, carrying a flashlight. The caller provided a description but was unable to stay in the area. Officers located the male at 12th and Clement who matched the description. He told the officers that he had been looking into garbage cans. Officers determined that he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest and was booked.

On 04/30/14 at 10:40pm, officers responded to the 400 block of 28th Ave on a report of a possible auto burglary in progress. The caller was reporting that she was watching a white female with a crow bar at the rear of a vehicle. The caller saw her approach the rear of a second vehicle and could hear banging noises. At one point a male crossed the street and spoke with the female and a short argument ensued. The male then walked off south on 28th Ave and a short time later the female walked off in the same direction and the caller lost sight of her near an apartment building on the 500 block of 28th Ave. Officers located both the male and female in a stairway onhealthy nolvadex generic inside the apartment building and detained them. The caller showed the officers the vehicles that they had seen the female suspect at and both vehicles had their front license plates bent as if the suspect was trying to pry them off. As the officers walked the 400 block of 28th Ave they found an additional 7 vehicles with the plates bent. The officers were then shown an area in the garage where the suspects were located 4 license plates that had been successfully removed from different vehicles. The female, a 15yr old was charged with auto tampering. The officers attempted to contact the owners of the 4 license plates but were unsuccessful. It appears that the recovered plates were taken from vehicles parked on the 400 block of 28th Ave. If you believe that one of them may belong to you please email sfpdrichmondstation@sfgov.org. Include your license plate number and contact information.

Between 04/24/14, 7am and 04/25/14, 12pm on the 500 block of Balboa, a suspect took a bike from a multi-unit garage. There were no signs of forced entry.

Between 04/24/14, 12pm and 04/28/14, 3pm on the 3400 block of Clay St, a suspect(s) entered a multi-unit garage and took 4 bikes. There were no signs of forced entry.

On 04/26/14 between 12pm and 8pm on the 300 block of 21st Ave, a suspect entered a home by damaging the lock on the front door. The suspect took nothing from the home but took tools and a bike from the garage.

Between 04/26/14, 4:40pm and 04/27/14, 12:20pm on the 600 block of 9th Ave, a suspect removed the screen from a window and entered through an unlocked window. The suspect took robe and a stuffed animal. One of the tenant’s computers was located on the ground outside.

On 04/28/14 at 4:20pm two males got into an argument over a bottle of vodka at Fulton and the Great Highway. One of the males hit the other in the face with a baseball bat and fled the scene. The victim was transported to the hospital. The suspect was described as a white male, 25-30yrs, with brown hair and wearing a brown sweater.

On 04/29/14, between 8:45am and 4:45pm on the 2000 block of Scott St a suspect pried open the door to an apartment. The suspect took two laptops and camera equipment. It is unknown how the suspect entered the building itself.

On 04/29/14 at 4pm, officers detained a male at Divisadero and Bush St as he had crossed the street on the red light. The male was carrying a laptop in his hand. The officers determined that the male was on parole for burglary and conducted a search. When asked about the ownership of the laptop, the suspect said that he found it in a dumpster on Bush St. Officers attempted to obtain information about the owner of the laptop, but the computer was frozen. The male was given a citation for his violation and released at the scene. Once the officers were able to bring the laptop to the station, they were able to access it and found information about the owner and contacted her. She told them she had left the laptop on her bed before she left for work at 8am. She and the officers went back to her apartment on the 2000 block of Divisadero. Once inside they saw that the screen had been removed from her bedroom window which had been left ajar. The suspect climbed in and took the laptop. Nothing else seemed to be disturbed. Officers went to the address given to them by the suspect but they were not able to locate him. The search for the suspect continues.