Lovesick “S” posts 10 point manifesto declaring his love to Gwen of Oahu

If you’ve walked along California Street in the inner Richmond in the last few weeks, you may have noticed the poster below out of the corner of your eye. It *looks* like a lost pet poster but on closer inspection, it’s more of a treatise about a lost heart…

The 10 point letter is addressed to Gwen from “S” (which we gleaned from the “S & G” in the red heart, lower right corner). From the sound of it, S met Gwen online, a romance developed, she dropped offline to care for her ill father, and S lost his s**t over it.

And then come the apologies. “I’ve shed many tears knowing how I’ve hurt you and broken your trust for me” (see #5). “I love you so much. Please don’t let this erase everything we were building. I’m sorry I’ve let you down when you needed me most. I would take it all back” (see #9). And so on, and so on.

In addition to posting these flyers on nearly every utility pole along a 6 block span of California Street, “S” also flew to Oahu and put up fliers all over Haleiwa. He definitely gets an A for completeness and persistence. And a high Kinko’s bill.

From his notes, “S” was worried that he had been “catfished“, a term that refers to online profiles in which people lure another by pretending to be someone else. “I thought I had been lied to, and tricked by a “CATFISH” online” (see #4).

The poster also has some momentos from their online relationship including a Disneyland logo and a cartoon VW bus with “road trip” underneath it – maybe something they were planning to do together?

The top of the poster features two dogs, a chihuahua and a husky, with Gwen’s screen name partially obscured above it.

We can only wonder if Gwen got the message, and these two star-crossed, separated-by-miles-of-ocean lovers ever reunited. You can’t blame a guy for trying though.

Good luck, S & G.

Sarah B.

Photo by Derek. Click to enlarge.


  1. I’ve also spotted these on Balboa, Cabrillo, Fulton, Arguello, Parker, Geary/Collins…*all* over the place!!

    “S” was quite the busy fellow in getting his message out there…

  2. Freak. Probably can’t wait to wear a suit made of Gwen’s skin

  3. I never got close enough to read the fine print on these posters because I thought they were about lost dogs and it would be too sad!

  4. If this indeed was a scam perpetrated by Gwen with the intent of hurting “S”, I would even go so far as to say she is not anywhere near Oahu and rather pulled off this emotional game-playing stunt in some other locale other than in the State of Hawaii. Gwen could have just as easily been in Cleveland. If “S” was talking to Gwen on the phone (I’m assuming, based on what I’m construing from the treatise, that at some point in this long-distance relationship phone calls were made) and was calling a phone number with an area code of 808 (Hawaii’s area code), it might appear that he was genuinely in contact with someone in Hawaii, but that being said, it is easy to obtain no-contract cell phones with the 808 area code. I myself have had a cell phone with an 808 area code (Aiea, HI) as my only cell phone for over 10 years and I’m currently living in the Chicago suburbs. It’s unfortunate that S has incurred the expense of not only having all of the 4-color flyers printed, the cost of the plastic cover sleeves, and the time of posting them throughout The Richmond, but it’s even worse to think of the money that he may have spent, having evidently flown to Oahu, where he made his way to the lovely North Shore surfing community of Haleiwa (known for its delicious “shave ice”) and posted the same flyers. I truly hope that this wasn’t a scam, and perhaps Gwen and S can salvage what they had going, but like most who have commented on this so far, (and as S himself suspected as noted in the “catfish” reference, Line #4), it appears that S has been made the victim of costly and cruel hoax. I hope, as @phil speculates in comment #8, that this is something else other than what it appears to be, like a Performance Act project.

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