Photo: Students “lay down” at Ocean Beach to support clean oceans

Photo by Kevin Lozaw via The California Coast

On Tuesday afternoon, over 800 students from San Francisco and Marin schools in grades 2 through 7 came together on Ocean Beach for a cleanup project.

Afterwards, the students laid down in formation to form a Western Grebe bird diving after a fish, with the word “Only One Ocean” above it, to highlight the need to protect the world’s oceans.

The Western Grebe was depicted because their populations have been in decline and are at risk of entanglement by discarded fishing line and abandoned fishing gear.

The cleanup and photo event was organized by Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Tiburon, and sponsored by the California Coastal Commission with support from the Whale Tail License Plate Fund. Five other similar cleanups are taking place up and down the California coast.

Thanks to reader Luna T. for the tip.

Sarah B.


  1. Awesome! Alamo Elementary School’s Ms. Li’s class!!!

  2. WOW fantastic effort and great and awesome photo ….. You kids did great!

  3. My grandmother and great aunt lived on 43rd between Geary and the VA Hospital. When we visited we spent all of our time at Playland, the Cliff House, the pools and the arcade. Ocean Beach was our (foggy) backyard. Dig the message, the “In Fog we Trust” logo and the fact that people still care enough to gather for something meaningful. San Francisco is my hoemtown. It is not the city I was born into anymore. But its magic still remains. Keep making a difference. You rock. Lin

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