Police Blotter: July 31, 2014

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of August 1, 2014. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

Dear Richmond District Residents,

I thought it was important that everyone in our community know that one of “San Francisco’s Finest”, Officer Bob Ramos #1226, is working his last shift today (7/31/14). Bob has dedicated almost 33 years of his life to help the citizen’s of this great town. As a newly promoted Lieutenant, I have seen Bob’s stellar work ethic. Bob has been a tremendous asset to Richmond Police Station and the district. Handling numerous calls for service per shift aside from his routine Park Car duties. He is never too busy to help a citizen, a fellow officer or anyone who asks for his help. Bob is a highly decorated police officer with years of valuable training and experience. But in my mind what separates Bob from the pack is his generous nature and compassion with everyone he contacts. We will miss Bob.

On the upside, Bob has made the decision to be a part of our SFPD Reserve Program. Bob has told me he loves this job and the people. He intends to work multiple times a month in the same job as the Park Car for our district. The primary difference as a reserve officer is that Bob will be coming to work on his own time. But when you talk to Bob about his career in the SFPD, the last 33 years hasn’t seemed like work at all.

Lt. William Conley#2192
Richmond Police Station

Retiring SFPD Richmond Station officer Bob Ramos

We are still suffering from a lot of vehicle burglaries. Please do not leave items or valuables in your vehicles. If you see a suspicious character looking into parked vehicles, call 415-553-0123 and provide a description of the suspect.

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On 07/28/2014, at 3:08 am Officers on patrol on the area of Anza and 12th observed a vehicle making an unsafe turn driving on the wrong side of the roadway. The officers initiated a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver. The driver showed signs of intoxication and was on active probation. Officers booked the driver for driving under the influence.

On 07/26/2014, at 1:35 am, Officers on patrol in the area of 19th and Geary conducted a traffic enforcement stop on GMC Truck. The driver was contacted and it was discovered the driver did not have any license issued to him. He was cited for the misdemeanor offense at the scene.

On 07/24/2014, at 11:57 am Officers responded to an apartment unit on the 300 block of Arguello. This call was regarding a naked male who was climbing around on the second floor balcony and acting erratically. With the assistance of the building manager officers were able to contact the male who was not a resident of the apartment unit. Due to the height and location of the suspect, multiple Richmond Station officers responded to assist. Although there was little room to maneuver and the serious danger of a fall for both the suspect and the officers, they were eventually able to remove the suspect without serious incident. The male indicated that he was a methamphetamine user and remained uncooperative. A computer records search revealed the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. The male was booked at County Jail without further incident.

On 07/23/2014, at 11:20 pm Officers on patrol in the area of 15th and Geary saw a vehicle fail to stop at the active red light. Officers initiated an enforcement stop and contacted the driver. A computer check revealed that the driver has never been issued a drivers license in California. The driver was cited for the misdemeanor of driving with no license issued

On 07/23/2014, at 11:18 pm Officers observed a cyclist on a bicycle fail to stop at a posted stop sign. The Officers contacted the cyclist with the intention of issuing a citation for the observed infraction. When the Officers conducted a computer query on the cyclist they discovered that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The cyclist was booked at the County Jail on the warrant but not before he also got a ticket for the stop sign violation.

On 07/22/2014, at 0:59 am, Officers observed a vehicle traveling west on Fulton St. with non working lamps. The officers followed the vehicle and saw it pull into a drive way along 125th Ave. The officers contacted the driver who seemed to show the signs of driving under the influence of a narcotic. A records check revealed that the driver was operating his vehicle on a suspended license and also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Officers also discovered a substance believed to be methamphetamine on the person of the driver. After being medically cleared at San Francisco General Hospital the driver was booked for multiple offences.

On 07/22/2014 at 11:37 am, Officers on patrol in the area of 11th and Geary saw a vehicle with non working brake lights. Officers initiated an enforcement stop and contacted the driver. A computer check revealed that the driver has never been issued a drivers license in California while residing here for 10yrs. The driver was cited for the both violations.

On 07/20/2014, at 11:20 pm, Officers in the area of Baker and Sutter St. observed a vehicle fail to stop at a posted stop sign. The officers initiated an enforcement stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver. A computer check revealed that the driver’s license was suspended and revoked. The driver was cited for the misdemeanor violation.

On 07/19/2014, at 07:14 am, Officers in the area of Geary and 4th Ave. observed a vehicle driving in excess of the posted speed limit. The Chevy was driving at 62 m.p.h., which is 27 m.p.h. over the posted limit of 35 m.p.h.. The officers initiated an enforcement stop and contacted the driver. The driver was unable to provide any license and was cited at the scene.

On 07/19/2014, at 2:01 pm, Officers in the area of 4th and Geary observed a vehicle fail to stop at a solid red light and the vehicle was also showing expired registration tabs. The officers initiated an enforcement stop and contacted the driver. The driver stated he was distracted and failed to see the light. A computer check revealed the driver had no license issued and he was cited at the scene for the offence.

On 07/17/2014, at 7:08 am, officers observed a vehicle traveling at 51 mph in a 35mph zone. The conditions that morning were also wet which increases the stopping distance of a vehicle in an emergency. The driver was contacted and produced a license which was suspended / revoked. The license was suspended due to unpaid fines which the driver had not taken care of.

On 07/17/2014, at 11:39 pm, Officers in the area of the 6000 blk of Geary observed a vehicle with non working lights. The officers initiated an enforcement stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver. The driver was driving with a suspended and revoked license and was cited at the scene.

On 07/18/2014 at 10:06 pm officers responded to the area of 2800 California Street regarding a burglary. Officers examined the area and determined that the suspect had removed a screen from a window to make entry. The unknown suspect removed a laptop computer and an IPOD. There officers also observed that there were no locks installed on the window. The officers were able to show the resident how to secure their windows properly.


  1. Hmmm – for the one on 7/22/2014 at 11:37 am – did the driver with non working brake lights & no California Licence get to drive away…or did they tow the car & let him walk home, as he had no license? What good it is to cite people like that?

  2. I always wonder in the burglaries where something like a laptop/ipod is taken if the burglar knew what was in the residence and where it was (i.e. likely knew the residents) or if these items are so pervasive they are everywhere for the picking. Also when bikes get stolen from a residential garage did the thief “know” they were there. It seems the crooks have a high ratio of successful break-ins. We don’t hear of too many where nothing was taken. If you think of all the garages in the Richmond district probably well under half of them have bikes, those elderly folks on your block don’t all have bikes. On the other hand if a house is well maintained and there’s a reasonably new car outside and nothing looks creepy on the outside maybe the crooks just assume there’s got to be good stuff inside, and they’re probably right.

  3. @Susan: I was wondering the same thing. Good job of citing car drivers & bicyclists (I think this is the first time I’ve read in the Blog that a bicyclist was cited for not stopping at a stop sign…cops could do nothing but give tickets for that call day and have no time for lunch). But the what? It’s fine to cite someone for driving with a suspended / revoked license, but are they actually allowed to drive away?? Their car should be impounded–a hefty fee incurred–along with paying off the citation. And no mention was made about their (life likely) lack of insurance. I realize these people can find another car to drive, unlicensed & uninsured, but there’s only so much that can be done.

  4. …And thanks for your many years of service to Richmond District residents, Officer Ramos!

  5. Regarding the “On 07/19/2014, at 07:14 am” incident… what? Someone going 62mph on Geary without a driver licence was just “cited at the scene”?! Also, the speed limit is 25mph there (as posted), not 35mph. The person was going 37mph over the limit, which should be reckless driving.

    They should’ve been put in cuffs and had their car impounded for reckless driving. That’s about as dangerous as drunk driving.

  6. My guess is a lot of the burglaries are on blocks with a high ratio of rentals where neighbors don’t know each other.

    As to driving without a license, City Hall decided that it was too much of an economic hardship for non-English speaking unlicensed (and otherwise non-papered) drivers to pay for towing, impound and storage, so they decided these unlicensed, uninsured and undocumented drivers could call a friend to drive the car for them. Looks like English speaking multi-generation SF natives are being discriminated against, especially those of us who might be undergoing economic hardship due to being over 40.

  7. @4thGenRichmond – That’s state law (originally SF policy, but state law for 2 years). It also applies to anyone without a licence, not just undocumented people. Your over-40 white English-speaking self has the same opportunity as anyone else to do this. (Search for AB1993 if you want the details)

    Yes, the change was targeted at undocumented drivers, because they are unable to obtain driver licences. The law on that has changed, and soon the DMV will start issuing licences to them. We may then see this law repealed.

    If you have issues with that, keep in mind that it’s not the responsibility of the state, or SFPD/CHP/etc to enforce federal immigration law. In fact, local/state law enforcement does not have jurisdiction to do so. Most of us don’t want to see the police wasting their time on this when it could be better spent protecting us from people who are maliciously breaking the law.

  8. tarniv, There has been such a thing as an International Drivers License for many decades. Members of my family have had them in the past. The skill standards required are much higher than the drive around the block and park for a CDL. It is a shame we don’t have stiffer requirements such as those in UK and Scandinavia, it would reduce accidents, deaths and property damage. I don’t drive or ride a bicycle as those priviliges were permanently revoked by a careless driver when she ran me and two classmates over while we were on the way to elementary school, walking on the sidewalk. My head injury permanently affected my vision when in motion but at least I survived, my classmates were DOA.

  9. Wow! A lot of unlicensed drivers out there! We need better technology built into cars, like breathalizers, and network connections that report the status of who is driving the vehicle, and what his/her status is. Police can’t be everywhere, and scofflaws appear to be proliferating. Modern technologies shuold be brought to bear as supplementary aids to police presence.

  10. Any new crime blotter updates? Last one was July 31st and it’s mid-August…

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