@Hiddencash hit Baker Beach on Saturday; searchers come out in droves

People flocked to Baker Beach just after 10am on Saturday to look for @HiddenCash. Photo by @koln5

Saturday morning, we got a report that people were streaming across Baker Beach like a zombie horde. The reason? @HiddenCash announced on Saturday at 9:41am that $2000 had been hidden in Pez dispensers somewhere in San Francisco.

A little later at 10:12am, @HiddenCash revealed the location: “”Burners” will know it all started here. All are in the sand. Houses to your left, foggy bridge to your right.” and shared a photo of a Pez dispenser lying in sand.

From there, the game begin. Dozens of people were seen walking up and down Baker Beach, searching for the small dispensers with cash in them, and really hoping to find one of the three larger packages of dispensers that each contained $100.

The first confirmed find via twitter was at 10:58am by @oliviaaa_143 who wrote “THANK YOU SO MUCH @HiddenCash you rock thanks for making my day.”

More came streaming in after that:

Did you rush over to Baker Beach to look for @HiddenCash? We’re not sure if every one was found so if you’re out there this week, keep your eyes peeled!

Sarah B.


  1. Soooo – it’s OK to litter a beach with non-decomposing plastic, as long as you make a flash-mob event out of it?

  2. Sheep. Watch people do what I say for entertainment because of money. If this guy was serious about giving back, there are a lot of charities that can benefit from this.

  3. This was actually his second time hitting baker beach as that was one of the first places he hit back in the early days a few weeks ago.

  4. In graduate school I conducted an experiment that asked about 30 volunteers to walk a in a large “figure 8”, during which they were free to pick up dollar bills that were placed in front of them. We started with robust placement, maybe $100 over the first 20 minutes, and then pulled ultimately pulled back to about $5 every hour. Several people continued to walk during the last phase, for almost 90 minutes – resulting in a $1 payoff. Many people walked that figure 8 for several hours without making even $1. When it comes to money, many people can be manipulated and trained just like a pigeon.

    There are many social psychological experiments that clearly show we are more lemming like as a species than most of us like to believe.

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