Local links: Mar’s water usage, Bib Gourmand winners, Mt Lake fish & more

The pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii. Photo by Fred Larson

Here are some local links to take you into the weekend – have a great one!

  • While come California officials have increased their water consumption during the drought, our own Supervisor Eric Mar has proven to the biggest water conservationist, according to The Desert Sun. “The most miserly official in California was Eric Mar of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who lives in a condominium in the Inner Richmond district, part of the city’s fog belt. He used 45 gallons per day in 2013 — about enough to fill a bathtub.” We asked Mar’s office for water-saving tips from the Supe, but they declined to comment. Could it be that he’s spending even more time at his beloved YMCA jacuzzi?
  • Michelin recently announced the 2015 Bib Gourmand winners, their award for the best moderately-priced restaurants. Several Richmond District restaurants made the list: Chapeau!, Hong Kong Lounge II, Kappou Gomi, Sichuan Home, and Troya. [EaterSF]
  • Remember all those creepy, prehistoric-looking fish that the Presidio Trust was trying to evict from Mountain Lake? After three years of unsuccessful eradication, the Trust announced recently that they will be using rotenone in the lake to finish the job. Rotenone is a short-lived chemical that only kills animals with gills, e.g. the fish in Mountain Lake. Workers will apply 47 gallons of the product in a 5 percent solution in liquid form at Mountain Lake during a single day in mid-November. Expect the lake to be closed a couple of days prior to the treatment, and for up to three weeks afterwards.
  • Photojournalist Fred Larson will be at the Richmond District branch library (351 9th Avenue) on October 28 at 6:30pm to share work from his latest trip to Hawaii “where he hung out with the surfers”. Watch his latest slideshow and get tips from this seasoned photographer. Free admission.
  • Looking for a new ‘do? Check out Kinship Salon & Barber, a new salon that opened on the corner of Clement Street and 4th Avenue. We love what they did with the interior of the space, and so far Yelpers are big fans of the Aveda salon. Owner Ashley tells us, “We have really been enjoying meeting all the neighbors of this amazing neighborhood.” Word on the street is that it’s a family affair – Ashley is married to the owner of Blue Danube cafe.
  • Good news for riders of the Muni 31AX bus. Peter Lauterborn, aide to Supervisor Mar, sent out an email recently about some planned improvements. “The good news is that Muni is hiring around 40 new drivers a month. This should have an immediate improvement in service City wide. Second, in the Spring of 2015 Muni will embark on the first round of service increases around the City. Based on your testimony and our pushing, the MTA has agreed to change their plan and include a service bump for the 31AX.”
  • There’s a new “small” business on Clement called Wee Scotty. Team member Dana tells us “We’re a fashion school and retail store and we just moved in at 609 Clement. We offer sewing classes for all ages and skill levels and have been working on getting to know the community.”


  1. How many people in the Mar household? Does he have a backyard? Is it shallow or half an Avenue in depth?

    45 gal/day is very easily doable, especially when showering at the Y.

    We were limited to 65 gal/day during the last drought with 4 adults in the household and had to beg to get it raised to 95 gal.day.

  2. I question the accuracy of the water meters anyway – we were gone for 1/3 of the month last month, yet our water bill was *exactly* the same as for the prior month. That should be pretty much impossible…

  3. Re: Mountain Lake – so they spent years and thousands of dollars on eco-friendly solutions (and got a lot of press for it), only to resort to poison in the end? Mind you, I’m not objecting to the poison use per se (it’s a fairly benign agent), but I’d better not see one more article about how the Presido Trust is green…

  4. Re: 31AX

    Our Supe can also put pressure on MUNI/SFMTA leadership to be accountable for results. While hiring more drivers might alleviate the constant disruptions in service (late buses, no shows, break downs, etc.), it doesn’t change the fact that there are failures service, and a transportation culture where the public expects poor performance, rather than excellence.

    The number of lines run have been cut in the past years; Next Bus is wildly inaccurate; the 5:57pm outbound from Davis and Pine is a regular no-show (resulting in a dangerously packed 6:10 [the last 31AX for the day]); new drivers need instructions from riders on where the stops are; and new driver training (ride-alongs with an experienced driver) take place during rush hour instead of an earlier time (5pm+ v. 4:00pm, causing extremely slow service). When a firefighting brigade fails to contain a fire, you don’t hire more firefighters without figuring out what’s causing their failures (procedures, equipment, training etc.) and addressing said failures.

    That being said, one of the great things I enjoy about MUNI are the implementation of the red bus lanes. The 38/38L zips right through FiDi and Union Square, and it’s impressive how fast you can get from one point to another, without having to look for parking after.

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