Photos: An empty Golden Gate Bridge

Photo by Rich G.

Reader Rich G. was out on the Golden Gate Bridge early this morning to experience what must feel like a post-apocalyptic bridge walk. The bridge is closed until 4am on Monday morning so that a new, moveable median barrier can be installed.

“The barrier will be installed on the 1.7-mile-long Bridge and on the approach portion of Highway 101, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, starting at Alexander Avenue. Using transfer machines, the barrier will be moved several times a day to create more lanes in a particular direction to accommodate variable traffic demands such as the morning and evening commutes.” Read more

“The Moveable Median Barrier (MMB) system includes about 13,340 feet of barrier consisting of 12-inch wide and 32-inch high steel clad units filled with high density concrete tightly pinned together to form a semi-rigid median barrier. The system also includes two barrier transfer machines, aka “zipper” trucks. The installation of the one-foot wide MMB would virtually eliminate crossover collisions.”

Cars are not allowed on the bridge during the closure, but Golden Gate Transit buses are still running in both directions. Pedestrians and bicycles are permitted on the east sidewalk.

The project budget is estimated at $30.3 million with funding coming from three sources: $20 million (76%) from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission via the State of California; $1,379,200 (5%) in federal funds; and $5,120,800 (19%) from Golden Gate Bridge toll revenues.

Thanks to Rich for sharing his photos; you can see more here.

Sarah B.

Photo by Rich G.

Photo by Rich G.

Crews work on installing the new median barrier. Photo by Rich G.

Photo by Rich G.


  1. Great photos. Fugly barrier, I didn’t realize it’d be so visually intrusive.

  2. My hobby of distance running has given me the opportunity to complete 29 marathons to date, in locations spanning across the USA, from Boston to Honolulu. Running these races has provided me with many great memories, but I can say with total honesty, that my greatest running memories to date are the two times I ran out to Marin and back, (starting at Divisadero and Ellis) via the Golden Gate Bridge, back in 2012 and 2013. Running the GGB, both times as the sun was rising over The City early morning hours, was the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done as a runner. Geez, I’ll never forget those spectacular views of San Francisco as I ran across the bridge. I would have loved to have run the GGB during this temporary halt to most vehicle traffic as I’m thinking it’s probably going to be a long time before any runner, biker, or walker gets a chance like this again.

  3. Did the Golden Gate Bridge District miss an opportunity? Maybe they should have sold the naming rights to the barrier for $$$. It could have been the Safeco, Geico, or Progressive Barrier. Progressive could have bought naming rights and called it the Flo Barrier. Gillette could have sponsored the Right Guard Barrier. Maybe the Zipper gizmo truck could be sponsored by Levi’s and named Levi’s Zipper. I’m sure there are other possibilities.

  4. Perhaps the barrier should be named after a Bay Area politician who is “Middle of the road”, but who is known to shift to the left or the right at times.

  5. The barrier will be black and blue after six months, never mind the International Orange…lol!

  6. Yup, custom made 30.3m and they didn’t get it to match the bridge’s int’l orange…. Big mistake. And show a full accounting and bill of materials and labor.

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