Local Links: Mescolanza / Luna Rossa shuffle, Oscars at Balboa, Fulton speeds reduced

Photo by Eugene Kim

Happy Friday, Richmond District! Here are some local links to ease you into the weekend…

  • Mescolanza recently closed which saddened some fans, but a new, nearly identical concept called Luna Rossa opened in its place. It’s no accident – the owners of Luna Rossa were the original owners of Mescolanza back in the day and sold the lease, and the restaurant’s name, to an employee. But now they’re back, and after displacing their tenant, Mescolanza, have opened Luna Rossa. Reader Boots says the same Mescolanza server is even working there, and the menu is nearly identical. Boots also said word on the street is that the Mescolanza chef is planning to reopen near 2nd and Geary in the future.
  • And the Oscar goes to…The Balboa! They’ll be hosting an Oscar viewing party on Sunday starting at 4pm. Host Reed Kirk-Rahlmann will be on hand with his irreverent Awards Party mudslinging which begins at 7pm as the ceremony commences. Tickets are available online or at the Balboa box office (it usually sells out so get ’em quick).
  • Mind your accelerator when you’re driving on Fulton as the speed limits were recently reduced. Reader Steve informs that new speed signs have been posted: “30mph westbound from Stanyan to 36th (down from 35), 25 from 36th to 38th (in front of the Senior Center), then 35 from 38th to the beach; eastbound it’s 35 from the beach to 38th, 25 from 38th to 36th, back up to 35 again from 36th to 25th, then 30 from 25th to Stanyan.”
  • The Jiu Jitsu Academy (710 La Playa) is offering a free self-defense class for women on Monday, February 23rd. To register, email Info@csjiujitsu.com.
  • Pretty alert! Check out the video below for some stunning night views over San Francisco in super super hi definition.


  1. Thank god Luna Rossa is the same. U think the food will be the same?

  2. Changing speed limits several times within a short geographic area is pretty much designed to create speed traps. Really ridiculous.

  3. Great about the speed limits coming down – hope this trend continues! There is no reason people need to be able to zip through the Richmond.

  4. Thank you for informing us about the changes in speed on Fulton. I agree people need to slow down along Fulton. However, I hope the signs are larger than the 25 mph signs near the senior center that are 2 blocks from the large 35 mph signs. They are VERY difficult to see.

  5. How about instead of throwing away money by super-saturating our streets with signs, warnings, slinky speed limits, and “awareness” campaigns, we just enforce the existing laws?

    Lack of 5 mph reductions don’t cause accidents. Lack of neon day-glo flashing pedestrian signs don’t cause accidents. Lack of finger-pointing campaigns don’t cause accidents.

    Lack of personal responsibility causes accidents.

    The way things are going, in a few years we’re going have signs telling people not to put sidewalk feces into their mouths.

  6. Spouse noted enforcement on Fulton yesterday. Thinks 3 limits are too many and should be 30-25-30. As a non-driver/non-cyclist the only dog I have in this hunt is the ability to cross Fulton safely to and from Muni and GG Park, which has not been my experience since about 1985.

    Am concerned about sign blight as many pedestrian crossings are now surrounded by poles with signs blocking my view of traffic. Paint numbers in the street.

  7. update on the speed limits on Fulton – all the signs are now up, it’s now 30mph in both directions all the way between Stanyan and Great Highway, with the exception of the two blocks between 36th and 38th where it drops to 25mph in front of the senior center – and, yes, they’re enforcing it, saw someone pulled over this morning eastbound around 18th

    on a related note, does anyone know for sure – is that one sign in either direction is enough of a warning that the speed limit has dropped? doesn’t there have to be a “25mph ahead” warning sign a block or so beforehand? if you’re westbound in the left lane and there’s a truck or bus in the right lane, you can’t see the lone 25mph sign – doesn’t seem fair (to either the drivers or pedestrians) to not give the drivers fair warning

  8. Actually, it’s always been 25 mph in front of the Senior Center. That’s not new.

  9. not always, that only changed less than a year ago, though it was in place before the current drop to 30 along the rest of the street – my question though is as you drive down the road where the limit is 30, then it drops to 25, doesn’t there need to be a warning of the reduced limit a block or so ahead? otherwise it’s a pretty obvious speed trap

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