Another porta-potty burnt down at Balboa & 12th Avenue

Last Thursday, another porta-potty was set on fire on 12th Avenue near Balboa.

Reader Abraham B. tweeted us the photos above and said there was a “small explosion and lots of flames/smoke.”

In February, a parked car was damaged after a porta-potty was burnt down on 10th Avenue.

Porta-potty arson has become a city-wide problem. 27 toilets were burned down during a spree in 2008-2009, and a small resurgence of the problem flared up in 2012. In January, one was burned down on Divisadero Street.

Sarah B.


  1. That history of porta-potty burnings really makes me think whenever I see another porta-potty around the hood. The ones that particularly concern me are a couple that are placed right up next to house being remodeled. In a couple of cases I’ve seen them placed in an alcove right in front of the building or garage door. While that might discourage some tipping mischief (they could be fastened to the building)It sure seems in those situations that the whole building would catch fire if the porta-potty was torched.

  2. Some people have nothing better to do… I hope they get caught one of these days.

  3. I thought the Porta Potty Pyromaniac was caught a number of years ago…

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