Neighbors say goodbye to Leroy, beloved neighborhood dog

The neighbors that live along Park Presidio along Funston and 14th Avenue are a close-knit bunch, often sharing news and tips with each other through an online forum we also follow.

But this week one posting took a more sentimental turn when a neighbor paid tribute to Leroy, a beloved dog who, along with his owner Lloyd, were well known along the boulevard.

We were reminded that it’s the small things that make a neighborhood feel like one, be it the neighbor you recognize, or a great dog that got on with everyone.

R.I.P Leroy, we hope there are treats where you are.

Sarah B.

If you look out your front window almost anytime of the day or night, you were likely to see Lloyd and Leroy walking around the neighborhood. You might not know their names, but you know who they are — the guy with the white hat and the white, Spanky & Our Gang terrier with a few ink spots and a stubby white tail. Lloyd always has treats in his pocket for the other neighborhood dogs, and Leroy had a lot of canine buddies.

Five or so years ago, Leroy went missing. Signs were posted and everyone who knew was on the lookout. When all hope was gone, a woman tells Lloyd, “I saw this dog at a homeless encampment down by the beach.” Lloyd sprang into action, found the camp and picked up a very dirty Leroy who had been missing for days, and brought him home.

The last six months or so, we would see Lloyd walking on the same schedule, but pulling an open suitcase with Leroy in it. Leroy was sniffing the air, enjoying familiar neighborhood scents. Lloyd always made Leroy walk the last block, apparently this part taking the same amount of time for Lloyd to walk the other nine.

Eighteen and a half years later, Leroy decided to move on to the next fire hydrant in the sky.

Sympathies to our neighbor Lloyd. Leroy was truly one lucky dog. – Kay

What followed were more memories of Leroy and condolences for Lloyd:

“I will miss seeing Leroy and I hope that Lloyd knows we love him as much as we loved Leroy.”

“I’ll miss running into you at night and Oliver will miss you and his little buddy. I’m thankful we met and our neighbors. Leroy will always be remembered.”

“Leroy was one of my dog Wallie’s first friends, and she still stares up the block looking for him many early evenings. Lloyd introduced Wallie to treats and we used to call our meetings the doggie cocktail hour.”

“Leroy definitely inspired me to keep trying — no matter what my excuse.”


  1. Sniff. I remember that dog. Anyone know how old he was and how active to the end?

    The reason I ask is I have a 13 year old jack Russell mix the same size and I want to guage how long I’ll have her on this earth.

  2. Ahh, what a good 18 yrs. he had! I’ll miss seeing the both of them walkong up 14th Ave. at 7:00 PM every nite.

  3. Rest in Peace little guy. 18 years is a good long run.

  4. I met Lloyd and Leroy last Christmas, SO wonderful both of them. RIP Leroy!!

  5. aw jeez. make me cry at the office why don’t you? Leroy was adorable.

  6. So long little pal. It was a pleasure keeping your company while Lloyd & I would shoot the breeze.

  7. They walked down my block every evening. Leroy was the cutest little guy and my dog adored Lloyd for the chicken jerky he always carried with him. RIP Leroy, you will be missed.

  8. Poor guy, sounds like he lived a loving life though. RIP

  9. My condolences on the loss of your little buddy, Lloyd. When your heart heals a little, I hope you find yourself another furry companion. So, so many doggies need a loving home. But for now, at least, I hope the sympathetic words of those who enjoyed seeing you and Leroy on your daily walks bring you some measure of solace.

  10. Every day and every night, our own Jack Russell terrier pulls us to “Leroy Corner” hoping to find Lloyd with his endless — and I mean endless — supply of jerky. We are so grateful for the generosity he has shown us over the years, and our hearts ache for his loss (and his lovely wife’s loss). Leroy was one tough little terrier right till the very end (heard he survived a motorcycle accident in addition to the dog-napping!) — and so handsome, too. No dog will ever take his place as the alpha male of the Richmond District. Rest in peace, Lee. You lived a full life. You were loved, and you made our hood a happier place.

  11. RIP Leroy. We loved seeing you out for your nightly walks – you will be very missed.

    Many hugs to Lloyd.

  12. Leroy was king of the block… He bossed all his friends, Haley the lab, scamp the cocker… Chasing the ball… Very fussy about what treats he ate… Now the are all in dog heaven…

  13. RIP Leroy. Most handsome fellow on the block! Deepest condolences to Lloyd. He will be missed.

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