Kids get police escort for their bike ride to school

Photo by @SFPDRichmond

This morning, reader Monique came upon a peloton of pint-sized cyclists along Lake Street, complete with SFPD escort.

Turns out they were schoolkids on their way to George Peabody Elementary on 6th Avenue. Their journey was part of San Francisco’s Bike & Roll to School Week which celebrates “the joys and benefits of biking, rolling, or other active ways to get to school.”

Sarah B.

Photo by Monique G.


  1. Great encouragement for the kids! Let’s hope that they continue. Let’s hope further that, on those days when there’s no police escort, nosy neighbors don’t call Child Protective Services and report unattended kids and have their parents charged with neglect, as seems to be the trend across the country.

  2. This is quite nice. Schools just need to add more bicycle parking. I don’t know what bicycle parking is like at elementary schools, but Roosevelt and Presidio each have a little. Both those middle schools could use more — and Presidio should find space on the school grounds instead of out front.

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