Robbery and assault at San Francyclo bike shop on Monday night

On Monday night around 6:45pm, a white male came into the San Francyclo bike shop on Arguello and stole a bicycle near the front door. During the theft, he also punched a store employee.

San Francyclo owner Jason Anneconne shared these images with us from the store’s surveillance camera. The suspect stole an Origin 8 Crawler bicycle valued at $1,200; the serial number on the bike is #B13060130.

The suspect is a young white male, approximately 5′-8″ and was wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt during the incident.

If you have information about this crime (SFPD case #151802980), please contact the Richmond District police station at (415) 666-8000 or SFPDRichmondStation@sfgov.org. An anonymous tip line is also available at (415) 668-7387.

Sarah B.

The bicycle that was stolen from the store – an Origin 8 Crawler bicycle valued at $1,200


  1. Based on the second photo, we are looking for GOB from Arrested Development. He might have fled back to Orange County.

  2. sorry to hear about your loss. As a tip to help either find the thief or any numbered parts, use http://www.searchtempest.com. From it you can search the whole state or country as if he has any brains he will try to unload it out of the bay area. Good luck and i hope you catch the bastard!

  3. Guy actually looks Japanese in the first pic but sometimes pictures lie.

  4. I doubt we’ll see him but you got eyes on Judah/47th looking for him and your bike.

    I want one of this bikes so when I am in the market for one I’ll visit your shop!

  5. He doesnt look white to me. Most likely mixed or hispanic.

  6. Just saw a report on the incident on KNTV ch. 11 morning news. They showed the video and pic so I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time before this POS is caught.

    If nothing else maybe *he* will get the same treatment if some *other* douchebag steals it from *him* considering the uniqueness of the bike…

  7. Jason is a horrible human being. Karma is a bi$&ch !

  8. @Bertha: If you know something, say something. Not just on this blog, to the cops.

  9. I think Bertha was talking about Jason, the store owner, although I’d be surprised – he and the rest of his staff have never been anything but cool with me. Great shop and great service. This sucks – hopefully insurance will cover the cost and I hope they find this guy.

  10. Thx for the clarification @Matthew. Cold post there, @Bertha. No business owner or employee deserved to be assaulted& have their property ripped off. In case you haven’t heard, there are other ways to express annoyance or whatever.

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