Video: Whales frolic near Seal Rocks off Ocean Beach

Reader Jim D. sent us the video above that he shot of whales off of Seal Rocks near Ocean Beach and the Cliff House. He shot the video from his roof at 47th Avenue and Balboa around 7:30pm on Monday night.

Great stuff!

Sarah B.


  1. Too bad Louis’ would have been closed for the night. That would be quite the tableside view!

  2. also saw whales on friday july 3rd from baker beach by point bonita lighthouse!

  3. Info from Latitude 38’s website today about a whale sighting last week inside the bay:While sailors usually consider whale sightings to be a special treat, local scientists charged with protecting them become gravely concerned whenever they hear reports of near-shore sightings. This summer, in fact, the staff of the Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries — which extend many miles beyond the Golden Gate — is trying to alert mariners that in recent weeks many whales have been sighted traveling closer to shore than is normal.

    “There are large numbers of humpbacks right now in the Golden Gate Straits,” wrote Mary Jane Schramm last month with a sense of urgency. “They’re in harm’s way; some are just off the Cliff House.”

    As a result, ships traveling through the Sanctuaries have been asked to slow to 10 knots during the migration season. And NOAA asks all mariners to report to them any collisions with whales, or any observed injured or dead whales, by calling 877-SOS-WHALE (877-767-9425), or advising the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16.

    Boaters can also report whale sightings to whales@noaa.gov, or through the free, downloadable Whale Alert smartphone app found http://www.whalealert.org/

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