25th & California: Adios gas station, hello apartment building

The proposed mixed-use development at 301 25th Avenue

Socketsite reported yesterday that the 76 gas station at the corner of 25th and California (301 25th Avenue) is slated to be replaced by a new development of “three four-story buildings, each with three three-bedroom units”.

The building is designed at 40 feet tall, and each of the 12, 3-bedroom units will include a parking space. It’s unclear whether these will be rental units or condominiums.

The building will also have a 1,400 square foot retail space on the ground floor. Socketsite reports that the project is currently under environmental review.

The architects on the project are Ian Birchall and Associates. They are the same firm behind the proposed 23-unit building slated for the Mel’s Diner lot at 3355 Geary.

While gas stations are disappearing across the city in favor of housing developments, this is the first one in the Richmond District (though some readers had hoped the service station at 32nd & Clement would be swallowed into the development that took over the European Market next door…).

But drivers need not panic – there is a gas station just a few blocks away on Geary at 24th Avenue. Even if the development is approved by Planning, the actual construction is months away as these things take time.

Some readers may remember that the 76 station was the target of an ADA lawsuit back in 2011.

Sarah B.


  1. Any word on what percentage of the units will be “affordable” and how many spots there will in the garage for bicycle parking? The tenants will have great access to the 1 California, the 38 Geary, and the 29 Sunset. At the very least they should use one of the those parking spots in the garage for something like City CarShare. .

  2. That’s also a “Blue Rhino” propane swap location. I can see electric cars replacing gas & diesel, but how am I gonna grill? Electric too?

  3. I’m actually happy to read this. That gas station is kind of an eyesore and, frankly, one of the most expensive in the neighborhood for no discernible reason. And, yes, if only that service station would get the boot…that little stretch of Clement could really be something!

  4. If you are still swapping out propane tanks, you are leaving money on the table. Quite a few places will refill your tank and you only have to pay per gallon/LB of fuel they put into the tank (ex: Action Rentals at Folsom and 11th). Over time, you may find your gas regulator getting corroded and your grill’s heat output drops dramatically even though there appears to be fuel left in the tank.

  5. Less gas stations= even MORE expensive gas at the remaining stations because the owners can charge more! (The one at Arguello & Ca is always the highest). I try to buy gas when I’m outside of SF if possible & save up to 50 cents a gallon. Is anyone at City Hall watching to make sure we don’t eliminate all gas stations?

  6. Susan, if that were true then the opposite would be true – more gas stations equal cheaper prices, and that isn’t the case in the Richmond. I don’t know why some gas stations are more expensive than others but since there are gas stations at 24th/Geary, Funston/Geary and 37th/Geary (to name a few)I think the outer Richmond is good.

  7. Well, more expensive gas = more profitable gas stations = all gas stations will never be eliminated. Problem solved!

    I mean, if you’re already buying gas outside of SF whenever you can, you’re probably part of the reason the stations here are closing up shop.

  8. I always enjoy looking at the site of the builder/doing Google street view for the other properties they’ve built, as it’s very hard to get an idea of the quality of the build from the renderings. Can’t say I am in love with the style of these buildings, but I am at least very glad we have moved beyond the ‘Richmond Special.’ I think there are higher quality units being built, lately. I’m not gonna miss one gas station, certainly.

  9. If I’m out of the city & need fuel, I always fill up as it’s cheaper. Limited stations in the city + city real estate = higher prices. There is a great app – GasBuddy – that shows you gas prices. I can buy gas in Mill Valley at the Arco today for $3.09.. the cheapest near me is $3.45 in the Richmond, $3.39 at the 76 on 19th & Judah, or $3.19 at the Arco on Divis.

  10. Cost of gas partly correlates to real estate prices here in the city. Classic gas stations tend to use a lot of real estate. What would help would to be allow Paris style sidewalk gas stations: http://beyonddc.com/log/?p=3047 I am sure there are all kinds of outdated regulations preventing this. Same for putting gas stations as part of high rise commercial buildings.

    That said for its size SF still has more than enough gas stations in pretty much all hoods. Take a look on google maps.

  11. anyone who will be able to afford to buy or rent any of those units will TOTALLY not own a car and rely completely on muni or their bike. Totally. In reality, it will be at least 3 cars per unit, possibly 2 per bedroom. But that’d be great to give limited parking to a private car share company. I’d be just fine with strangers like Ray Dipo entering my garage to rent a car. And parking is no problem on Clement.

  12. More residents = more customers = fewer empty storefronts.

  13. Hopefully as the population grows there will be more businesses. Isn’t the 4 star also going to be sold for residential housing? Or is it commercial businesses? Anyway I hope all this growth results in a Richmond boom.

  14. I also heard from a local merchant that the parking lot on Clement btw 23rd and 24th sold for $4 million. Expect a lot of new residential units on that block!

  15. Good luck affording to live there for the average income resident. Happy to see improvements to the Richmond, but as someone who grew up here the City is becoming all too greedy again as the cycle spins.
    Gas station owners typically make very little off selling gas (pennies/gal) paying by how difficult or how far to service them. Money’s made from the service garage or mini mart.

  16. i sure hope the building has enough parking, at least 1:1. transit is not great here, parking is not great here, and we dont need more cars circling for parking and causes congestion. its better for the neighborhood and trafiic if new residents have a place to store their car

  17. Great. That is what the Richmond District needs. Three more four story eyesores to further clog the street with cars. Even though I do NOT own a car and transit via bicycle I prefer to have the gas station. It’s less disruptive to the neighborhood. San Francisco government needs to put a stop to what used to be called Manhattinization of The City. Fat chance for that.

  18. USA today used to show the Gas prices at 25th and California as the highest in the country.
    Hopefully this won’t be another garbage project put up by LF George. Their properties are built poorly – just check out a fine example of their work, currently being completely redone on 36th and Balboa, due to poor initial construction.

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