Food biz updates: Mescolanza opens, Hot Pot Grill closes, Minami says goodbye after 21 years, new wine shop on Clement, Fajitas no mas, spots for sale

The former BBQ turned Fajitas spot at Geary & 3rd Avenue is now offering burritos and quesadillas


After 26 years on outer Clement, the much beloved Mescolanza Restaurant is now open for business in their new spot at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Geary. They’re open Sunday through Thursday from 5pm until 9:30pm, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights.


A new wine shop called The Spanish Table is coming to 130 Clement Street, adjacent to Chapeau! restaurant. The company, which already has stores in Berkeley, Seattle and Mill Valley, offers wines from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Chile. They specialize in hard to find sherries, ports, madeiras, and more. No word yet on when they’ll open – their license to sell alcoholic beverages is under review.

Update: Tanya, the manager for the upcoming Spanish Table said they hope for a September/October opening, and shared this additional info about the store: “We not only sell wine, but also lots of delicious food items from Spain, Portugal, and North Africa. Meats (like Jamon and Chorizo) along with Manchego cheese, olives, great olive oils, and spices. We will also have a small, but well-curated selection of cookbooks (for making tapas and paella at home as well as some more exotic books). Of course, we also import paella pans for 2 – 200 people and the beautiful and functional earthenware dishes called cazuelas. Our selection of hand-painted ceramics from Spain and Tunisia make great gifts, so we have that covered as well.”


Across the street from Mescolanza, change is continuously underway in the old BBQ spot. For a nanosecond, it was a place called “Fajitas“. But that sign has been covered up and the windows now advertise “New burrito taco quesadilla”. Unsure if this is the same owner who keeps trying new concepts but we’ll see how they fare.


Reader Francisco tells us that neighborhood sushi spot Minami, at the corner of 20th and Clement, is closing its doors after 21 years. “It looks like they will be retiring and closing July 31st, they have a sign on their windows” Francisco said.


The windows of the Hot Pot Grill at the corner of 10th Avenue and Clement have been papered over for a few weeks now. No sign of a new business opening up there.


A few other businesses in the neighborhood are up for sale. La Cuidad de Mexico, the tiny tortas spot at 200 6th Avenue has listed themselves on Craigslist for $35,000. Over on Geary, two corner businesses are listed for sale. Coffee Break at the corner of 10th Avenue is asking $85,000, and Infinitea at the corner of 18th Avenue and Geary had a listing up that is now closed (it is either in escrow at this time or has recently been sold).


  1. We already have an Inner Richmond burrito spot with Pancho’s a couple of blocks away… would of preferred a good bbq spt to take over the space (the last incarnation was horrible).

  2. Pancho’s is mediocre at best. Their meat is bland, I go back once in a blue moon to see if it has changed but over the years it hasn’t and I’m always disappointed. Sad that Minami is closing, I must go one last time before they do. Their Salmon Don is awesome!

  3. NOOOOOO! La Ciudad de Mexico is closing? Gods, they are so good, there is no justice in this world! Gonna miss them!

  4. @Cee – Yeah, they’ve been closed for at least a month already.

  5. Any updates from Blue Danube coffeeshop? Missing them on Clement…

  6. The Spanish Table is a wonderful shop – great selection of wine, cookbooks, provisions for Spanish, North African cuisine. So very happy to see them coming to our shores.

  7. same question on blue danube. really miss it. Also hoping we can get a decent mexican restaurant in the inner richmond. its a big gap in our restaurant scene

  8. I too am crossing my fingers for some competition for Pancho’s. I wish LaFonda would open a location on this side of the park!

  9. Hot Pot Grill is going to open up as a place called Carbon Grill…this coming from note of sale of alcohol.

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