Local links: Perfect pupusas, Blondlogic for sale, Hot Duck opens, MonkeyBrains Cafe coming, storytelling benefit at Bazaar

We hear the homemade pupusas at 4715 Geary are pretty perfect

We hear the homemade pupusas at 4715 Geary are pretty perfect

Here are some local links to tip off your Tuesday…

  • Pupusa alert! Reader Ben stumbled upon a delicious find recently at the liquor store / deli at 4715 Geary near 11th Avenue. “We passed a sign outside a liquor store advertising “fresh made pupusas.” I was pretty skeptical upon entering, thinking they would come straight from the freezer. These were the real deal–absolutely delicious.The proprietors, El Salvadorians, told us they had just opened the store and were planning on making a variety of pupusas.”
  • Blondlogic owner Sally Hanley tells us that her consignment boutique at 792 Arguello is up for sale. She says she has a great landlord and loves the shop but she’s ready to move onto new things. If you’re interested, contact George Helwee of Mason McDuffie, 415-518-2525.
  • There’s a new duck in town – La Hot Duck to be precise. The new fire red restaurant opened on the corner of 20th Avenue and Clement. We can’t find any reviews online but we have to assume from the name and paint job (and the winking duck on the sign) that it’s SPICY.
  • Down the block at 2018 Clement, “Monkeybrains Cafe” will be opening courtesy of San Francisco-based internet service provider Monkeybrains.net. In addition to serving coffee, the space will also serve as a customer service and technical support center for the company. They’ve applied for a Conditional Use permit (#2015-007387PRJ) to change the retail space to a cafe.
  • A wrinkle in time… After 25 years, the dry cleaning portion of LaundryWorld on the corner of Clement and 4th Avenue has closed. The owners have retired and wrote on their door, “Thanks for all your business and patronage. Most of all we miss you all” on their door. It appears the laundromat on the corner will continue operating.
  • There’s a performance at Bazaar Cafe on Saturday, October 10 to benefit local writer/performer Carolyn Martone, who is dealing with advanced cancer. Come to hear six brilliant storytellers each tell a 10-minute true, comedic story on the theme of survival. Tickets available here
The new La Hot Duck on the corner of 20th & Clement

The new La Hot Duck on the corner of 20th & Clement


  1. I love’s me some Pupusas. Tasty filling, some queso fresco, crunchy cabbage and some hot sauce….. mmmmmmm.
    My El Salvadorian friend told me they sometimes call them tacos. We used to innuendo joke about getting a soggy, or limp or smelly or juicy or dry pupusa.

  2. They’ve had them for years, love the shop, love the owners. My secret after-work indulgence!

  3. Of course not as smelly or limp as us our sausages and peas though! har, har

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