Corgi’s set to take over Ocean Beach on Saturday


OMG it’s time for Corgi-con – I think we’re going to faint from cute canine overload.

This Saturday from 10am until 2pm, hundreds of corgi dogs (and their owners) will show up at Ocean Beach for the fall edition of Nor Cal Corgi Con.

Organized by “Maki Boo, Bailey, Cote and Buttons”, the event’s Facebook page says they had 500 Corgi’s at their last event. Can they top it?

The group has a website with Corgi Con gear, with proceeds benefiting Corgi Aid and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

We heard that Queen Elizabeth may be rearranging her schedule to attend. Stay tuned.

Sarah B.

[via SFGate]


  1. Reminder to myself: “Don’t walk barefoot on Ocean Beach again until the weather, rains, and tides have washed away the doggie residue that will surely be left behind.”

  2. Hey Sarah,
    CORGISSSSS!!!!! Do you know where on the beach this will be taking place in comparison to where the LEAP event will be? Excited to stop by both!
    Thank you,


  3. Corgi’s will be closer to the Fulton intersection (e.g. across from Beach Chalet). Sandcastle contest is northern end of the beach, closer to Kelly’s Cove. I don’t think there will be any corgi v. sandcastle incidents 😉

  4. Doesn’t anybody above middle school edit these headlines for correct punctuation?

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