Nourish Cafe burglarized; do you recognize this man?


At about 5:45am this morning, a man smashed through the front door of Nourish Cafe (189 6th Avenue) and burglarized the cafe. Some still shots from the burglary are below as well as a video.

The suspect, a white male in his twenties, about 5-10″ to 6′ wearing a grey SF Giants sweatshirt, loitered for awhile, then pried off some of the framing around the glass on the door and used it to smash through.

If you have any information about this suspect, please contact the Richmond District police station at 415-666-8000 (incident #160120621).

Sarah B.




  1. So sorry this happened to your business; and in my immediate neighborhood. I hope he can be found.

  2. how can they tell it’s a Grey Sweatshirt in the black & white video. isn’t that design more likely to be an orange sweatshirt. of course I am no sherluck homleboy but seems LMNOP whatsup

  3. So, so sorry.
    I shared and encourage everyone else to do so.
    Let’s get this punk!

  4. Sorry that happened to your business. We’ll keep an eye out and thank you for sharing the video so we can see if he comes into our store.

  5. Thanks, everyone for your support! Hope he gets caught to spare other businesses from this &^#%$!

  6. disgusting. what is wrong with people that they feel entitled to the fruits of other people’s hard work. Also strange that he had to pry off the trim to break the door. Seems like a crime of opportunity? Otherwise why not just carry a brick or something? I hope there was no cash in the till. Serve that a-hole right to get away with nothing!

  7. I agree with the previous comment about the hoodie – could very well be Giants orange. If he is dumb enough to wear it around the neighborhood again, he will be quickly identified.

  8. Sorry, hope he didn’t get much – time to order something from Nourish re. helping our neighbors.

  9. I hope they check the park/presidio. When I ride my mountain bike there, I see lots of crappy tents, tarps, angry dogs & garbage, ruining our beautiful oasis.

  10. What a jerk! I want to punch that guy. So sorry for you and B. I drove by about 10 minutes after this happened but of course had no idea.

  11. did he take the cash drawer or was that a desktop computer? if it was the drawer, i hope it was empty.

  12. @Sarah B Ugh. Hardly the circumstance I wanted to be making a comment to the blog. A terrible way to finish up what, up until this event, had been a truly sublime vacation in San Francisco. (I leave for “home” in 18 hours) I find it particularly galling that I was enjoying a Nourish Bar with you in the cafe just last Thursday. I, as well as everyone who has come to know you, will do what can be done to assist the San Francisco Police Department in their apprehension of this no-good. Tell Brighton and your staff that we are thinking of her/they as well.

  13. Thanks, Randall! I’m glad you had a sublime week!! It was a great time to be here. Safe travels home and come visit soon. I have t-shirts for you!!! 🙂

  14. Appears he has some experience in casing businesses for locations of valuables. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s known at our local Police Station.

    Unfortunately with high political tolerance to outdoorspeople and public consumption of narcotics, little will happen. Businesses will have to start considering steel roll-downs over all windows and doors after closing as is common in Asia and the Middle East. The cost might be less than several insurance deductibles for replacing the glass and other security improvements.

  15. Joining the chorus of condolences, Sarah. Such a stupid, cowardly act. Sending bad karma wishes his way.

  16. This totally sucks. Very sorry this happened to you and the staff at Nourish! We will keep an eye out for this guy. Maybe if there’s archive video, he may have appeared in those as he could have been casing the place and pretending to be a customer or loitering. Anyway, we’ll definitely be on the lookout.

  17. If the video camera is on during business hours too I’ve got a hunch you’ll get a good picture of him casing the place. He knew *exactly* where to go and you can’t see that by watching the store from outside.

    Sadly, if whatever he stole is below a certain value (I can’t remember just what) the police won’t even bother.

    Regardless, hope this POS is caught or maybe a tree loosened by El Nino will fall on him.

  18. Unfortunately, based on my reading of the “Police Blotter” on this blog, we are in a very “petty crime” tolerant city. How often do we read something like “….has been arrested 12 times before for burglary…” or “….is known to police from other area thefts…” In fact, if he had cut himself on the broken glass during the robbery he would probably have some encouragement to sue the store owner by certain “criminal as victim” sympathizers. As was said before, store owners may want to consider break-in proof defenses. Sad but true.

  19. Firstly, Nourish, I am so sorry and will see if I can make a point of frequenting your business. Secondly, I’m so annoyed that I was awake during these hours, not far away at all and do not recall hearing anything (not even a burglar alarm). That is not a slight, but genuine annoyance.

    Lastly, I equally hope this person is caught and please take note of the receding hairline despite the 20-something age description.

    Bill, for the record, the SFPD in Richmond is equally frustrated by what you’re describing — it is out of their hands — and this HAS been discussed at community meetings that I encourage EVERYONE to attend!

  20. He must or have been a client there before. Think a little. He knows your environment. kept you busy somohow talking, or befrended you while he was there. he may still come back and you may be able to recognize him. just will help you think a little and be able to catch him. Sorry .

  21. He is one of those thugs. he has been there before onehundred percent. he may be from this area too.

  22. This so sucks! Will be by to give you business and keep the positive stuff flowing.So sorry.

  23. Maybe he’s a postmates driver? Some one who has no connection to the neighborhood but has been in your store before, potentially many times?

  24. Based on this man’s actions, he knew IMMEDIATELY and EXACTLY where to go
    to get the money. This is an inside job. This thief is a friend of
    an employee or former employee.

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