Senior robs 19th Avenue Wells Fargo at gunpoint

The Wells Fargo Bank on the corner of Geary and 19th Avenue

The Wells Fargo Bank on the corner of Geary and 19th Avenue

On Wednesday, police arrested a man, estimated to be around 65 years old, after he allegedly robbed a Richmond District bank at gunpoint.

Around noon, police received a report of a robbery at the Wells Fargo at 5455 Geary (the one that shares the space with a Starbucks).

The suspect was arrested shortly afterwards on the 500 block of 19th Avenue. Police recovered the stolen money and his weapon.

During his arrest, the suspect hit his head on the ground and was transported for medical treatment prior to booking.

Sarah B.

[via NBC Bay Area]


  1. Guy probably had a fifth of wild turkey and a hungry man turkey dinner while watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

  2. Or…he’s broke and social security didn’t stretch as far as the rubber band economic inflation did?

  3. Perhaps he started his day with a little too much caffeine from that Starbucks in the lobby.

  4. Do the crime and now you too will do the time. That sucks for you because you’ll be there for a long time. What an idiot.

  5. Just maybe that was his retirement plan. Medical care and 3 hots and a cot.

    prob can’t survive on his social security
    still no excuse to rob a bank.. unless like unsocial security said maybe
    this was his retirement plan.. 3 meals a day and a bed

  7. Unfortunately this is more common across the United States then most people know. Older people that can no longer survive on Social Security/Retirement for housing and basic needs including medical care can no longer survive in society in the U.S. They feel this is the only alternative. Many just sit in the lobby of the bank and wait for the Police to respond so they can be taken into custody. As the population continues to age and less services become available we will see this as the last resort for total housing and care of the elderly or suicide as the other option. Time to educate ourselves on the true reality of our aging population and lack of services and options we afford them in our society……

  8. Really sad, wonder what drove him to do this… Scary to know that this happened across the street from me, at a SB that I frequent often.

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