Tantrum to open second location on Clement Street in April

Tantrum is getting ready to open at 248 Clement

Tantrum is getting ready to open at 248 Clement. That’s Bon-Bon the seal out front.

Tantrum, a whimsical boutique that features toys, housewares, books and more, will open a second location at 248 Clement Street in April.

The store’s first location is in Cole Valley but due to seismic retrofit work on their building, they’ll have to close temporarily.

Originally Tantrum planned to close their Cole Valley shop and move to Clement permanently, but owner Amanda Weld told Hoodline that she will return to the Cole location in August 2016, giving the shop two locations.

The new shop will open on April 1st. Welcome to the neighborhood, Tantrum!

Thanks to Ben L. for the tip.

Sarah B.

P.S. – It looks like the Toy Boat horsie has a seal cousin, named Bon-Bon, at Tantrum!

Inside Tantrum's original location at 858 Cole

Inside Tantrum’s original location at 858 Cole


  1. Idea for neighborhood event to boost civic pride: a jousting match between Green Apple’s Mergatroid, mounted on the Toy Boat horse, and one of the ducks from Mountain Lake Park, mounted on Bon-Bon.

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