Local links: new Geary development, tour the de Young with Apple Watch, Alex’s Bakery closes, 3 Fish Studios pops up at Green Apple, the Richmond District and affordable housing

4334 Geary near 8th Avenue will be demolished soon to make room for a new mixed-use building

4334 Geary near 8th Avenue will be demolished soon to make room for a new mixed-use building

Is it a terrific Tuesday, Richmond District dwellers? Whatever your answer, here are some local links to get you through:

  • The former commercial space at 4334 Geary near 8th Avenue will be demolished soon to make way for a 4-story, mixed-use building featuring one commercial space and six residential units (building cost of $3.5 million). Demolition appears to be underway and all permits are approved for the development. Bonus points if you remember what business was actually operating there before…
  • The de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park is offering visitors a new way to interact with its exhibitions through Apple Watch. “When you walk up to one of the elaborate gowns in the Oscar de la Renta retrospective, the Apple Watch vibrates to let you know there’s an audio component. Tap the watch and Andre Leon Talley or de la Renta himself will discuss the influences behind the piece.”
  • We heard from reader James that Alex’s Bakery at 431 Clement near 5th Avenue has closed after many years, possibly due to the owner retiring. Said one Yelper, “Sad sad day! It looks like they’ve permanently closed. Oh where will we get our sponge cake and almond cookies now? And where will all the old men go to drink their Hong Kong milk tea?”
  • How does the Richmond District fare when it comes to our inventory of affordable housing? The latest Housing Balance Report shows that since 2006, the neighborhood has added only 172 units and has “released” 439 units from protected status (the second highest in the city) due to owner move-ins, Ellis act evictions, and demolitions. [CurbedSF]
  • 3 Fish Studios, an art gallery and boutique in the outer Sunset, has opened a pop-up location in Green Apple Books on Clement. 3 Fish is best known for their bear-hugging-California print, and they offer a lot of other original, San Francisco-themed art that is fun and stylish (and affordable). Pop in to check out the pop-up, located in the 520 Clement annex of Green Apple for the next few months.
The 3 Fish Studios pop-up at Green Apple Books (520 Clement)

The 3 Fish Studios pop-up at Green Apple Books (520 Clement)


  1. Nice recall @Hazbeen! I see he moved to Lower Pac Heights…

  2. Divisadero, actually 😉 We still call that area Western Addition 😉

  3. Before it was Yury’s it was Lite House, one of the few places left for lamp repairs.

  4. Does anyone know what’s moving in next to Melisa’s Chinese on Balboa and 6th? I pass by daily and am curious!

  5. Yeah, I’ve been wondering what’s up w/Alex Bakery, they’ve been closed for a week or so! Hope they aren’t closed forever.

    (and yah, that soon to be demoed building was the crazy light fixtures spot!)

  6. Yes, i too was curious what is moving into that corner on 6th and Balboa. Also does anyone have information regarding what happened to Suka’s (across from Cinderellas). There was a sign saying they were closed due to building issues. Then there was an eviction notice. We had eaten there a few times and thought it was pretty good. Very sad to see them go

  7. The corner of 6th & Balboa will be a café/coffee shop owned by the Sushi Bistro owners across the street.

  8. any updates on the old Q space? Can someone please open a sit down mexican restaurant on clement in inner richmond ?

  9. Spencer – It looks like work’s being done on the Q space, there’s a contractor’s sign in the window and if you peek thru the papered over window you can see evidence of some demo.

  10. Spencer, Tia Margaritas and Tommy’s would love your patronage.

    Katie, Most of the South side of Balboa bet 7th and 6th is owned by a woman who refuses to lease. Not sure the motivation, possibly tax-write off? But she’s the reason Namu and countless other businesses have left. This is one case the city should step in and force a sale much like they did with Alexandria.

  11. Does anyone know what’s happened to K&G Jewelry on Geary? Liked the people there and prices so reasonable. Sad to see it closed up.

  12. Kate – I think your answer to Suka is related to the landlord, just like every other empty store front in that building. Supposedly she’s a piece of work 😉

  13. Hazbeen, Tommy’s and TIa’s too far away. We need a place in inner richmond. (east of Park presidio). the street of clement between arguello and 8th is booming. Would love to see mexican here.

  14. Laura, The owner of K&G was quite elderly by the 1990s and the only one who did bench work in that shop. His children were probably not interested in continuing in a trade that has high security issues and overhead with low wages. I had expected him to retire not long after Ed Tigges (original owner of Tigges Jewelers on the other side of Geary) passed away but he plugged on for another several decades.

  15. I too am curious about the new restaurant going into the old Q space. THey have been working on it literally every day (except Sundays) for over a year… full work crew every day. They must have big plans because they are clearly spending a large fortune on the space.

  16. Truly hope old Q location not another chinese restaurant. The market is saturated!

  17. There was a health code violation notice if I’m thinking of the same bakery on Clement. It wouldn’t surprise me if the owner just said f it and closed shop.

  18. 6th & Balboa will be an Oyster bar. Suka is having landlord issues.

  19. As I walked down Clement the other day to the hardware store (I do love the larger building they are in now!) and passed by Busvan, I thought about how crazy our city & neighborhood is, that a storefront can sit basically empty for years when there are record rental prices. I’d so much rather see a shop (or two) in that space then have it sit empty year after year.

  20. Susan, the busvan location is not empty. Half of it just became of toy/kitsch store. the other half is an art exhibit. I love walking by every day and seeing the art. I think its amazing that it stays open the way it is

  21. Susan, I’ve actually spoken to owner about both that space and the smaller one to the left that I believe is now rented. 5+ years ago he was asking a ridiculous rent for the 2K sqft space and the Busvan is too big for most any use other than furniture or super market. I think the ask on that 5+ years ago was something like $16K/month.

  22. Does anyone know if the two ladies from Rubis Nails (2nd/California) have moved to a new location or salon?

  23. The old Q space unfortunately will be a Chinese restaurant, Spoke with the GC and he confirmed it. Job was a complete gut and rebuild, will wait and see.

  24. if its another chinese place, i guess we can expect it to be out of business in 1 yr. There are way too many already and most are empty. Dont restaurant owners know how to do market research so they dont open where there is no demand?

  25. I will so miss K&G Jewelers. I know they had to quit sometime but they were wonderful and made our hood feel like a small town. Now I don’t know where to find a jeweler I can trust. Any suggestions?

  26. K&G was good folks. The younger generation was indeed keeping it going (but everybody from elders to the family dog hanging out behind the counter). Super-helpful folks even for minor purchases like watch bands and batteries.
    This week there are fences up around the Alexandria Theater parking lot, as if construction might actually happen.

  27. Hoping for some faster movement on Alexandria! Checked San Francisco Property Information Map (Permits) and it states “TEMPORARY SHORING OF SITE” (Application Number: 201510089265).

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