Girl Scouts raise funds for new furniture for SFPD Richmond community room

Members of Girl Scout Cadette and Senior Troop #32567 present a $700 check to the Richmond District police station

Members of Girl Scout Cadette and Senior Troop #32567 present a $700 check to the Richmond District police station

On April 10, a handful of members from Girl Scout Cadette and Senior Troop #32567 presented a $700 check to Lt. William Escobar and a handful of other officers at the Richmond District police station on 6th Avenue.

The $700 was donated to the station to use for new tables and a podium for the station’s community room, which is used by various neighborhood groups as well as troop #32567 for gatherings throughout the year.

“The onhealthy ambien zolpidem girls noticed the need for a podium because it would fall apart every time we tried to move it,” said Troop Leader Sara Saldaña.

“The girls wanted to help out and asked the police captain what the main need for the community room was. He said tables, and we added the podium. The troop unanimously decided to make this donation part of its cookie goal this year.”

Nearly all of the 13 to 15 year old girl scouts live in the Richmond District and were excited to make a difference in their community.

“The officers of Richmond Station thank Girl Scout Troop #32567 for their kindness and generosity, which will benefit our entire community,” said SFPD Richmond District Captain Paul Yep.

So if you bought some girls scout cookies this year around the neighborhood, know that not only were they delicious, but they also helped the neighborhood!

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  1. I don’t know; but it seems to me it ought to be the other way around. Shouldn’t the PD be donating to the Girls Scouts for one of their projects ?

  2. What a nice way to say thanks to our police officers for supporting the Girl Scouts!

  3. This is the good thing that girl noticed a need of podium and she decided to collect money to fulfil their needs, this is the good step she have taken to bring a change in the community.
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