Police Blotter – May 12, 2016

blotterSFPD Richmond District Police Station
Weekly Update 05-12-2016

From Captain Paul Yep:

Here is some general information about City services available for homeless persons and how you can help:

The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SF HOT) provides outreach, case management and services to homeless people who are on the street and not using other city homeless services. The team is a collaborative effort involving the Department of Public Health, Human Services Agency, SF Public Library and the non-profit Public Health Foundation Enterprises. SF HOT serves individuals living on the street who are severely disabled. The program also assesses medical and behavioral crises, and refers clients to emergency care as appropriate.

For general program information about the SF HOT team: Call 415-355-7555

If you are concerned about a homeless person in San Francisco, call 3-1-1 to make a report. The 3-1-1 staff will talk with you to determine if the call will be referred to SF HOT or other emergency response services.

If you are concerned for a person who appears to be in distress and needs immediate attention you can call the SFPD non emergency number 415-553-0123 or in an emergency 911.

**Incident Reporting: How to Best Reach the SFPD**
We receive numerous emails regarding incidents that occur in the Richmond District. The Richmond District Police Station email account is neither designed, capable nor intended to be a venue for reporting criminal incidents or suspicious occurrences. If you are reporting a crime that is in progress, dial 911. To report a non-emergency incident or a non-violent crime that has already occurred, please call the SFPD non-emergency number 415-553-0123 to have an Officer dispatched to assist you. You may also go to any SFPD district station to report an incident. Richmond Station is located at: 461 6th Ave.

On-line Reporting: The following crimes may be reported using the SFPD’s main website:

– Harassing Phone Calls: When you are experiencing annoying calls – with no known suspects; for example, hang-ups or heavy breathing.
– Lost Property: When property has disappeared and not stolen. If you think it could have been taken but you have no idea by whom, you may enter the report online.
– Theft: When property is stolen but there has been no illegal entry or contact by the thief.
– Vandalism/Graffiti: The act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property, including graffiti.
– Vehicle Burglary: When property was stolen from a vehicle.
– Vehicle Tampering: Tampering with a motor vehicle, including vandalism/graffiti of the vehicle.

To report any of the above crimes, please follow the link below:

Next community meeting:
Tuesday 05-17-2016 7:00 PM
Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Library
351 9th Ave.
San Francisco

Here are some of the incidents that occurred in the Richmond Police District this week:

05/05/2016 3:08 AM
Arguello Blvd. & Cabrillo St.
Officers responded to Arguello Blvd. and Cabrillo St. regarding a possible residential break in attempt. The caller told dispatch she heard a loud noise from her backyard and she saw the motion light turned on. When Officers searched inside the residence they did not locate any suspects. As the Officers were searching the patio area they saw a male pop his head over a roof railing, then proceed to run from rooftop to rooftop. A fire truck with a ladder responded so the Officers could gain access to the roof. Officers contacted the subject who was in an altered mental state. The man was rolling around the rooftop, close to the edge of the building and wearing nothing but orange underwear (Go Giants!). The Officers were able to subdue the man and with the help of the San Francisco Fire Dept., the subject was lowered off the roof on a gurney.
The subject was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

05/04/2016 3:08 PM
Geary Blvd. & 28th Ave.
Officers responded to a call regarding a woman with a gun. When the Officers arrived on scene they located the woman who was standing with a man. Officers stopped the woman who they noticed was acting erratically, pacing back and forth, appearing disoriented, and unable to answer simple questions. Due to the woman’s behavior it was determined she was possibly under the influence of narcotics. The woman rambled that the devil wanted to kill her and that she wanted to shoot the devil. A records check was conducted on both the man and woman. The woman had no outstanding warrants and was transported to the hospital for treatment. The man had two outstanding warrants for his arrest, and was arrested on these warrants and booked into county jail. The officers did not locate a firearm.

05/05/2016 8:17 AM
Balboa & 25th Ave.
Officers were dispatched to Balboa & 25th Ave. regarding a suspicious person looking into cars and possibly “casing” houses. When Officers arrived they quickly located a male suspect. The man was cooperative with the Officers and even offered them his California Drivers License. A records check of the suspect revealed he had a felony “No Bail” Parolee at Large warrant for his arrest. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail on the warrant.

05/07/2016 7:38 AM
Fulton St. & 4th Ave.
A witness saw a man attempting to break into a house located on Fulton St. The man was seen “wrestling” with the door and attempting to open it. The man began to shove his shoulder into the door and attempted to use his body weight to force the door open. The witness yelled at the man at which time he ran into Golden Gate Park at 4th Ave. As Officers arrived on scene they observed a man matching the witness’s description of the suspect running into the park. The Officers located the suspect a few minutes later hiding in the bushes at 6th Ave. and Fulton St. The Officers also located several burglary tools on the suspect, including a lock pick set, a screwdriver, pliers and other burglary tools. A records check of the suspect revealed two outstanding felony “No Bail” warrants for his arrest. The suspect was taken to County Jail and booked on several felony charges, including attempted burglary.

05/07/2016 8:33 AM
Geary Blvd. & Broderick St.
The victim was walking westbound on Geary Blvd. when she was approached from behind by two men. The men grabbed her from behind and took her iPhone from her hand. The men then fled on foot northbound to Broderick St. Officers quickly arrived on scene but were unable to locate the suspects. The investigation is ongoing.
Suspect description: Both suspects are black males, 15-18 years old, 6’0’, 180 lbs, with shaved heads.

05/09/2016 12:18 PM
Stow Lake Dr. & MLK Dr.
The victim set up his camera on a tripod, hoping to take pictures of the flowers and trees in Golden Gate Park. The victim was approached by two men who stood on either side of him. The first man bear hugged the victim and yelled to the second suspect, “Grab it!” The second man grabbed the camera. They both ran away and jumped into a waiting vehicle driven by a third male suspect. Luckily the victim was not hurt during this robbery. Officers arrived on scene but were unable to locate either the suspects or the vehicle.
Suspect descriptions: Hispanic males, 18-25 yrs old, average build.
Vehicle description: Black Jeep, four doors with yellow paper plates.

05/10/2016 10:17 PM
30TH Ave. & Balboa St.
Officers responded to 30th Ave. & Balboa St. on the report of a man attacking another man with a stun gun. When Officers arrived they detained the attacker and located the stun gun in a bush nearby. The victim told Officers he has been involved in an ongoing dispute with the suspect and that the suspect attacked him. The victim told Officers the suspect used the stun gun on his neck at which caused him to fall the ground. The suspect then attempted to use the stun gun several more times while the victim was on the ground. The suspect was arrested and released with a notice to appear in court.

5/10/2016 2:51 PM
Cabrillo & 7th Ave.
A witness called 911 about a man stealing packages from his porch and a neighboring porch and opening them. When Officers arrived they located the victim’s ripped open package with its’ contents missing. Other alert Officers in the area located the suspect, who had several items with him, including suitcases and backpacks and prescription pills with the victim’s name and address on them. Officers spoke to the victim who confirmed the medication was stolen. The suspect was arrested and booked for possession of stolen property and other charges.

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  1. Thanks for the information Captain Yep. It’s easy to feel helpless re. watching the epidemic of homeless that’s being created and any little bit helps re. providing means for citizens to do whatever they can to help.

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