Foodie news: Unterman goes gaga for Arsicault, Outside Lands food lineup revealed, Aziza to close for reno’s, Orson’s Belly to open May 23

Arsicault Bakery

Arsicault Bakery at 397 Arguello

Is that your stomach we hear growling? Here is some food news to keep you company on your lunch hour:

Food critic Patricia Unterman recently raved about Arsicault Bakery at 397 Arguello in her Unterman on Food blog. She says the bakery “has become the latest pilgrimage site” for Yeast-leavened French pastry or viennoiserie, and heaps on praise for owner and baker Armando Lacoyo’s croissants and morning buns. “I cannot be anywhere near the Inner Richmond without stopping by Arsicault,” Unterman writes.

The edible lineup for Outside Lands Music Festival (August 5-7 in Golden Gate Park) has been revealed. Like the music lineup, the food offerings are wide ranging from pork belly burgers to frozen hot chocolate to porcini doughnuts. Only one Richmond District eatery – Koja Kitchen – is in the lineup; they’ll be offering chicken and vegetarian tacos.

SFGate reports that Aziza restaurant will be closing May 22 for two months of renovations. For the duration, you can always check our chef Mourad Lahlou’s other restaurant, called simply Mourad, at 140 New Montgomery. Aside from a facelift, it’s unclear if anything else will change about the one-star, Michelin-rated Aziza. We’ll just have to wait and find out…

After a very, very long wait, Orson’s Belly at 1737 Balboa will finally open on May 23 with a morning menu, a lunch menu and bar bites along with espresso drinks, beer and wine. And starting May 25th, they’ll offer a “Kid’s Hour” every Wednesday from 3-4pm featuring cartoons and half off popcorn and hot chocolate.

The interior of Orson's Belly (via their Facebook page)

The interior of Orson’s Belly (via their Facebook page)


  1. If only Orson’s Belly had the Pinbot pinball machine that the “My House” bar on that site used to have… Sigh…

  2. yeah right!!! we’ve been waiting for orsen’s belly to open for almost a year… i’ll believe it when i see it!

  3. It looks like a lot of money has gone into decorating and preparing Orson’s Belly. And it has taken awhile. I wonder if the operators are reluctant to have real customers come in and mess the place up, leaving crumbs and coffee stains here and there.

  4. I don’t think Orson was a vegetarian. There’s not an item on that menu I’d pay for. Oh well.

  5. Anyone know anything about the sushi place on Balboa between 41st and 42nd? Looks like Yu-Zen is gone and a new sushi place is there.

  6. After more than a year of permits, I’m sure if we left a few crumbs and coffee stains at Orson’s Belly’s , they’d say “Make my day!” Good strong coffee.

  7. Swung by Orson’s belly yesterday. They still don’t have their liquor license and their times seem inconsistent. Hopefully, they fix this soon

  8. Aziza’s has already changed their menu a bit. Streamlined it. Not as many items, but the old favorites are still there.

  9. I had a great bagel sandwich at Orson’s last week and I thought the food was good and a bit unusual. Glad they are finally open.

  10. Talk about a great new addition to the community–Orson’s Belly is a perfect spot to meet neighbors and make new friends. They were delayed by the City. Because it’s so new to have something like this in the area, they are still figuring things out. I’d say a bit of encouragement for a young couple risking a lot to make their way would be in order. Few people on the planet would have been able to deal with the forced City delays that this couple did but they persisted. In my view, these kids are courageous– Not to mention the smashed avocado bagel sandwich is delish! Thank you Orson’s Belly for choosing the Richmond to launch your small business!

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