3rd Avenue mural celebration + artist meet & greet, May 28


The new mural on the wall of Ace Hardware at 3rd and Clement was completed a few weeks ago. And on Saturday, May 28, there will be an official celebration to welcome the mural to the neighborhood. Mural artist Jason Jagel will also be at the event.

The mural, dubbed “Mr. Foggy”, was a collaboration between Supervisor Mar’s Office, The Clement Street Merchants Association, The Richmond District YMCA, Standard Plumbing Ace Hardware, The SF Arts Commission, and Jagel.

The event takes place May 28 from 4pm to 6pm at Ace Hardware, 152 Clement.

Sarah B.


  1. I love seeing the mural every day. My only regret – that it is called “Mr. Foggy” and not Karl!

  2. other than the fog is there anything else having to do with our district? It’s nice but I would like to see something other than just fog identifying our neighborhood. I mean the sunset and twin peaks is foggy too

  3. It could be 105 degrees & folks still say it’s foggy. Well, I always tell denizens there hasn’t been sun here for 10,000 years because that’s what people want to hear, and of course they believe it, but it’s partially true.

  4. Sounds like the artist will be on site at the reception to talk about the content of the mural. Love that.

  5. Can’t say any of these photos support the title (not a bad thing !) and re. elements representing the district I’d say the big green apple does an admirable job.

  6. Glad the Ace hardware has parking in the front

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