Cricket Wireless abandons plans to open on 6th & Clement; will keep 524 Clement

The 6th & Clement corner location where Cricket Wireless wanted to open a second location.

The 6th & Clement corner location where Cricket Wireless wanted to open a second location.

We got an update from Supervisor Eric Mar’s office last week on Cricket Wireless’ efforts to open a store on the corner of 6th Avenue and California (455 Clement).

As you may recall from a previous story, Cricket was attempting to open without going through the required Conditional Use process for a formula retail store, which are prohibited in the inner Richmond without approval from the city. They had already begun building out the interior of the store and had painted the exterior Cricket green.

During the review process, the city also clamped down on Cricket Wireless for their small store just up the block at 524 Clement which had been open and operating for quite awhile without a conditional use permit.

Cricket Wireless' location at 524 Clement

Cricket Wireless’ location at 524 Clement

As of last week, the owner of the Cricket Wireless locations decided to not pursue opening the second, larger location on the corner of 6th Avenue and Clement. However the owner will pursue a conditional use permit for the 524 Clement Street location.

“Since this is a legalization, the business will be allowed to continue to operate as long as they diligently pursue the completion of the project,” said Matthew Dito of the San Francisco Planning Department in an email.

If the Planning Commission does not approve the Conditional Use permit for the existing 524 Clement location, Cricket will have to cease operations. A notice of violation has been issued to the owner for operating without a permit, but Dito says penalties are not currently being assessed due to their efforts to come into compliance.

So watch for something else to take over that prime southeast corner spot on 6th Avenue.

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  1. They need to monitor their store’s nation wide! Because some retail stores are cheating customers and over charging for unaccountable charges that they can’t explain and as a current customer Ian now seeking another carrier that will deal honestly with their customers! !!!!! And don’t fall into the game of underestimating the intelligence of their customers! !!!

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