New biz for kids: Imagination Playhouse opening on Geary

A peek inside the new Imagination Playhouse at 5628 Geary

A peek inside the new Imagination Playhouse at 5628 Geary

It looks like the space at 5628 Geary will no longer be the home of a cannabis dispensary. Instead, a kid-friendly business will be opening called Imagination Playhouse.

Reader Ben L. saw their door ajar recently and snapped pics of the new activity center which looks like a fun, indoor playground complete with slides, climbing structures and toys.

13015106_990234204346610_8857312292842853594_nWe tried calling the phone number on their Facebook page but no one answered. But they do have an event on Facebook for their grand opening from June 4 – 17.

    We are celebrating our grand opening of Imagination Playhouse. First time customers will get $8 admission for the first month. Anyone who books our party package before June 15th will get $40 OFF their party package, so book with us asap!

With High Five Sports Zone just down the street, Geary is quickly becoming a destination for sport and activity for kids, and a sure thing for fun birthday parties.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Imagination Playhouse!

Sarah B.


  1. I’ve got nothing against hemp, but I say this is a much greater asset to the neighborhood.

  2. This picture kind of cracks me up…I mean the place is obviously under construction; there are construction tools, debris, and parts scattered all over yet there are two little kids playing on the slides, one of which (on left) looks like there’s a pipe waiting to impale whoever dares slide down it! I’m thinking cannabis is safer.

  3. My bank already plays loud Country music. I though it was a new kind of bank. (Or could double as a metaphor for where your money goes).

  4. Just walked past it. Still not open, but door was ajar and they were working in there. My son turns 5 in November. Fingers crossed!

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