Local links: Mint moves in on Geary, Sutro’s cottage for sale, Cafe Sis coming to Balboa & more

Coming soon: Cafe Sis at 402 Balboa. Photo by Derek

Coming soon: Cafe Sis at 402 Balboa. Photo by Derek

Here are some local links to kick off your Wednesday. Go Warriors!

  • Reader Derek snapped the above pic of a new biz, Cafe Sis, that is moving in at the old Balboa Sushi location (402 Balboa). Very mysterious – that’s all we know right now!
  • Don’t miss this nice story on the Food Pantry program at the Richmond District Neighborhood Center and at a satellite location at Lafayette Elementary School. “Most of the participants at the new pantry are seniors. Many have lived in the area for their entire lives. With the addition of a new pantry closer to their homes, they’re able to take home weekly grocery staples like fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, and eggs.”
  • Even Adolf Sutro could not have predicted housing prices in 2016 San Francisco. His old Gardener’s Cottage, located at 542 46th Avenue, is on the market for $3.5 million. The cottage was built back in 1884 as a 2 bedroom, 1 bath (1,300 sq ft) and was the first house on the block. After a gutting in 2000, the house is now five bedrooms and three baths, and at an impressive 3,280 square feet.
  • A clothing company called Mint Worldwide has moved in at 6207 Geary, just across from the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. The store’s selections include stuff that is way too hip for us and runs with the motto “Always Fresh”. “Founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, and later spreading to San Francisco, Japan and Korea in 2013, the brand has made its mark with a number of hip-hop artists, professional athletes, college students and techies alike. By blending both eastern and western cultures into one lifestyle, Mint appeals to a more diverse culture.” We don’t see any hours on their website or on Yelp, but you can call them at (415) 829-9587 to find out more.


  1. I walk by Mint once a week and the hours are on the door. Think it opens around noon most days and close at 6-7ish

  2. I get the feeling this won’t be open very long
    its very 2 girls 2 shirts situation

  3. I’ve also noticed that there is construction going on at the old Victoria’s Pizza building on Balboa. Not sure what is going in there.

  4. I’m wondering about the sushi place called Oyogu Sushi that took over Yu Zen on Balboa bet. 41st and 42nd. There were initially a bunch of five star ratings on Yelp that looked a little suspicious. The most recent ones have been highly negative. There’s no menu in the window and I don’t see a website.

  5. Victoria’s is going to be a banh mi place, I’ve heard. Oyogu is actually quite good–ate there about a week ago and sat at the counter. Nice staff, too.

  6. Cafe Sis opened today at 402 Balboa Street and I visited, Attractive cafe with baked goods/sandwiches with Korean influences (bulgogi sandwiches and kimchi panini).

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