Photo: What the donut shop *should* be called



  1. Nice catch Sarah B – maybe we should petition them to leave it be !

  2. Aw! It’s been like that for years. Not the best donuts, but the people who work there are super sweet.

  3. That’s my go-too place for my quarterly apple fritter!

  4. Love this place! Great service and good donuts!

  5. I went there a couple of times but haven’t been back for awhile. Their prices just seemed too high for me. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best flavor/cost doughnuts in the Richmond District?

  6. Love that place. Stop there and get some donuts, people 😉

  7. First, the people are great.
    B, a donut is a donut.
    Furthermore, the coffee is very good AND the prices are good as well. (Go to North Beach and complain.)
    Plus, it’s a great gathering place.
    AND to the ‘quarterly apple fritter’ person: what do have in the interim? ( I try to avoid the glazed old fashioned…)

  8. Not a fan of the doughnuts but the sandwiches they make fresh on the spot are awesome and very good value for money, people who work there are awesome.

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