Driver dies after fiery car crash into Sea Cliff home

Photo by @sffdpio

Photo by @sffdpio

On Wednesday afternoon around 2pm, the SFFD responded to a home in the Sea Cliff neighborhood at 182 32nd Avenue near El Camino del Mar.

A vehicle crashed into the home and subsequently caught on fire. One fatality was reported from the scene, which the SFFD confirmed was the sole occupant of the vehicle.

The fire department’s public information officer tweeted that the fire had been contained at 2:24pm.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated, and the identity of the victim is unknown.

Sarah B.


  1. Well, that blows. That’s a 15 mph zig-zag right there, and people drive like maniacs through Sea Cliff thinking they’re bucking the system cutting through the golf course to get places.

    Someone explain to me why that photo on Twitter has one like.

  2. Oh! So sad to learn of this news and sorry for the driver, his/her family and the home’s residents. I run past this house almost every day on my way to Land’s End – it’s true some drivers blaze through this curve, but regardless of what happened, I am sad knowing someone has died. My thanks to the first responders and SFFD for being there.

  3. Nice house, but that furious curve is designed for fast. C’est La Vie about the driver, s/he knew the risks. The occupants are lucky they didn’t get looted. Me & my hombres would have been on that pronto!

  4. How come no safety side-fenders along this killer bend ?

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