Man dies after falling from cliffs near Sutro Baths

On Saturday afternoon, a man fell off a cliff and into the water near Sutro Baths in the Outer Richmond District.

Rescue crews were quick to respond with jet skis and boats, jumping into the chilly water without wetsuits. And though they were able to recover the man from the water and transport him to the Coast Guard station in Marin, he was pronounced deceased.

Rescuers believe he may have struck some rocks as he fell from the estimated 50 to 100 foot cliffs above the water.

The man was accompanied by a woman who was reported as safe and without any injuries.

Sarah B.


  1. What’s the takeaway of this story?
    Was he on drugs? Was he in a fight? What caused him to fall?
    This reads like a police report.

  2. “What’s the takeaway of this story?”
    Rules are made for a reason. Stay on the trails.
    “Was he on drugs?”
    “Was he in a fight?”
    “What caused him to fall?”
    He lost his balance.

  3. Live in the Richmond ?Another tourist going to sue city?One just got over two million,for falling off P.Fine Arts,at 2:30am,thought planter boxes were stairs…All these tourist related expenses should come out of Hotel and Restraunt taxes,not general fund.Fix some pot holes!

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