Video: Serial refund scammer identified and confronted by KTVU; says “the whole thing is kinda funny”

In August, we told you about a man named “Ali” who was scamming Richmond District merchants by demanding refunds for food he had never purchased.

The KTVU News 2 Investigates team took a deeper look into the story and not only identified the scammer, but also confronted him about his activities. His name is Oualid Soumbati, and he lives on 26th Avenue right here in the Richmond District.

When confronted by KTVU on camera, Soumbati denied that it was him on the surveillance video from Nourish Cafe. He told reporter Ross Palombo that he was aware of the refund scammer story being online, but that he thought it was bullshit, and that “the whole thing is kinda funny”.

But several Richmond District merchants interviewed for the KTVU story confirmed it was “Ali” on KTVU’s footage.

By the end of the news story, reporter Ross Palombo says that Soumbati’s attorney finally confirmed it was his client on the video at Nourish Cafe, but that Soumbati’s return was legitimate. The attorney also said that Soumbati never tried to get refunds at any of the other Richmond District businesses mentioned.

So merchants, keep your eyes out for Oualid / Ali and alert your staff to watch for his arrival, and phone calls.

Sarah B.


  1. Ha, he calls it “BS”, yet his lawyer is already involved. Sounds like the SFPD has more than enough evidence to at least question this deadbeat loser.

  2. a video and witness accounts are not enough evidence? how about his admission to his atty?
    and yes, many crimes in this city are too small for the cops to investigate.
    and i wonder if channel 2 did a quick google search because i did and found a guy with the same name who works for a security firm

  3. Maybe not major news, but his appearance on major TV news like this severely impairs his ability to continue the shenanigans.

  4. Sarah, you may want to inquire what happened at the former hair salon near Ashley’s that turned into a “psychic/tarot reader” briefly before a big incident with many animals, and children, and family running around (with furniture all over the sidewalk) as they were kicked out over a period of hours. Also Roma.

    Also, a warning to others, DO NOT GIVE TO THE WOMEN WITH CARDBOARD SIGNS AND CHILDREN WHO NEVER CRY (usually on or around BART), they are part of a Roma ring (or what others call “gypsies”), child abusers, tax evaders, and there are many details about this problem on Facebook under the group “Bart Idiot Hall of Fame”. This is a male dominated culture that is all about financial exploitation and “home-schooling” that amounts to trapping women into these circumstances with little or no opportunity for expanded education.

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