Wed Public meeting: SFMTA plans for making 8th & 10th Avenues “more comfortable for people walking and biking”


This Wednesday, the SFMTA is hosting a “pop-up table session” public outreach meeting to present plans for the Inner Richmond Neighborway Project.

“The goal of our project is to create a slow and low-traffic street for people walking or biking to Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, or other neighborhood destinations in the Inner Richmond,” wrote SFMTA Transportation Planner Jason Hyde in an email to the Clement Street Merchants Association.

“We’re looking at installing traffic-calming infrastructure such as speed humps, traffic circles, paint improvements, signal upgrades, or traffic barriers to prioritize a north-south route for people walking and biking, with a focus on 8th and 10th Avenues.”

To learn more about the project and provide your input, stop by the Mini Park outside the Richmond District Branch Library at 350 10th Avenue on Wednesday between 4pm and 6pm to meet SFMTA project planners.

The project website says “MTA will be conducting further public outreach for this project in late 2016/early 2017”.

It’s too bad the public outreach effort is being held in the afternoon on a workday, but hopefully they will offer additional weekend or after-work opportunities for residents to provide feedback. Feedback can also be sent to Charlie Ream, SFTMA Planner at charles.ream@sfmta.com or via phone at 415.701.4695.

Sarah B.



  1. It’s too bad this is happening at the same time as the last debate, I’d definitely come if I wasn’t already going to be watching it.

  2. It’s too bad they’re not looking at 7th or 6th as well, both of which could benefit the pedestrian traffic to/from two elementary schools in the area.

  3. I bike either bike 100 miles or run 20 miles a week or a combination. I get it- pedestrian safety. But unfortunately, I have to drive to other parts of the city and out of the city for work. I wish I could bike or run to those appointments. That is not possible for me right now.
    But as a city, we also need to make sure that motor vehicle traffic can get place to place in a timely manner. I think some of the accidents are caused out of desperation. In other words, keep cars moving. Cars will never go away.

  4. the mta does not care about safety. the mta wants to make it more difficult for people to use private vehicles in order for them to achieve their only goal…the removal of all private vehicles from the streets of san francisco.
    what exactly is the problem with 8th and 10th that they need to be even thinking about this project?.
    one month into the “paint only” project on arguello, that was supposed to make arguello “safer” and there was an accident today at the corner of arguello and anza….as a result of the “paint only” project, because the mta refuses to create controlled intersections, and refuses to admit that the reasons many streets are unsafe is do to changes they made in the past.
    here is the mta’s stated goal:
    Make transit, walking, bic
    ycling, taxi, ridesharing and carsharing the preferred
    means of
    Objective 2.1: Improve customer service and communications.
    Objective 2.2: Improve transit performance.
    Objective 2.3: Increase use of all non-private auto modes.
    in other words, socially engineer private vehicles out of sf….by any means necessary
    all mta projects need to be suspended until a full review is performed of the agency
    this review should include the efficacy of all projects, the efficacy of community outreach, how the mta weighs community and biz concerns vs special interests, like the bike lobby, why the mta holds all hearings, walk throughs and events like these at times and days when the majority of the community cannot attend.
    the mta is a rogue agency and its long past time that it be held accountable

  5. “Cars will never go away.” Never is a big word. I’m with you that we need to worry about cars, as well as other modes, getting around town efficiently for now. I usually walk or bus but occasionally have to drive. But I’m all for brainstorming about long range solutions that provide some combination of walking, biking, and effective public transportation as the primary modes of transportation. Also, I think a lot of the current frustration re. driving is that the city infrastructure just isn’t able to efficiently handle the current population increase (I heard something like 60,000 in the last couple of years).

  6. “the removal of all private vehicles from the streets of san francisco.”

    Thats the most effective way to combat global warming. I support this direction.

  7. Comment:
    Since tenth avenue feeds directly into the museum parking garage, it seems dangerously counter intuative to adopt trafic controls designed to funnel traffic flow (regardless of vehicle type) while in encouraging pedestrian access in the same area. I would have more expected a left turn lane on Geary at Tenth to help facilitate museum access rather than bottle things up.

  8. They could start by banning those massive double decker tourist buses from flying down 8th Ave; they go past every 10 minutes! Just crazy .

  9. Speed bumps were recently put on my block. It has slowed the tour buses down so we now enjoy much longer blasts of the loudspeaker. It has shifted the traffic pattern at 6AM when many of the overnight trucks depart Fulton at high speed onto other blocks.

    Tenth Avenue used to be where the 10 Monterey, renamed and re-routed as the 44 O’Shaughnessy ran. Eighth Avenue going northbound was used by the 21 Hayes with the terminus on California at Sixth. Trips back downtown went south on Sixth Avenue; this route portion was replaced by the 44. These Muni routes are what brought the first traffic signals on Clement and California.

    I wonder how all these proposed changes feed into the fantasy of a subway out Geary as proposed in today’s Examiner. It was a long decade that Market Street was a plywood trough for BART and Muni Metro and almost a decade after BART was operational before Muni ended the re-routed Market Street streetcars around Everett Jr. High and opened the underground. Makes me wonder about planned population density. Hmm.

  10. 4thgenrichmond hits the nail on the head. question everything. and dont believe that hype that the mta is doing this to improve safety. oh, and the city just got an 11 mil grant from the fed to improve pedestrian safety, and they are using bogus fatality numbers to prove that what they have been doing is working.
    as to victoria’s comment…the city is not going to socially engineer private vehicles out of the city. they are just going to increase traffic, which causes more fossil fuels to be burnt.

  11. No, no, no, nooooo traffic circles. No one in the U.S. knows how to use them, they just make a mess of things. Address Clement Street first, get all the old Chinese people to stop crossing on red walk signs so traffic can make turns. And stop signs or traffic signals with a very short cycle at every block. THAT street should be the priority in this neighborhood.

  12. Uh, believe I’ve seen plenty of young white people on Clement crossing on reds, staring at their phones… just sayin’

  13. Another stupid MTA idea.

    Question to the MTA. What is the energy (fuel) calculation of each speed bump? Cars hit the brakes when they see the bump, the do not just go down the block slower, then they accelerate after the bump. Go watch for a few hours, this is in fact true.

    Now calculate the acceleration fuel used for an average car. Then subtract that for the “constant state” usage of fuel for driving down a block without speed bumps.

    You will find that speed bumps cause MORE fuel burn and increase global warming. Not to mention people who do not like the bumps and go further to avoid them.

    So, we get calmer streets and higher temperatures. No bad if you live in San Francisco. No so good if you are on some particular pacific islands.

    Great work MTA!

  14. before worrying about pedestrians on clement, how about cleaning that filthy street up and holding merchants accountable for making it filthy

  15. The round-abouts DO NOT work! The one put in at 23rd ave and Anza has made traffic worse! Drivers don’t know how to use them, people still park at the corners that are red zones, and people speed around the round-about! I live around that intersection and I can tell you there are drivers who think it’s fun to race around the round-about while tires are screeching! Worse idea ever!

  16. Clement street at certain intersections could implement a “pedestrian scramble”.

  17. Frustrated Parker is correct about unintended consciences. Heaven forbid you live in a residence that has bedrooms on the street side with either traffic circles or speed bumps. At 3AM when an idiot does not notice the bumps they go crashing up and down when they hit it making enough noise to wake the dead. If the MTA or my neighbors ever tried to do that near me they would be in for one hell of a lawsuit on “quiet enjoyment of ones domicile”.

    The MTA has a religious zealot viewpoint on such matters and they do not care who or what secondary or tertiary effects they cause. Be it noise pollution for people around such “traffic calming” devices or increased CO2 due to increased fuel use do to slow-accelerate driving these devices demand.

  18. man I wish we would get more speed bumps throughout the avenues. I live bweteen cornwall and clement on one of the avenues and many people travel in excess of 40 going 1 single block. i have been almost hit crossing 5th, 4th , 3rd and 2nd walking down cornwall. it is a nightmare. I also think traffic circles suck but am all for more speedbumps on side streets. we should be making neighborhood streets slower and arteries like geary, bush, pine, oak, fell, etc faster. I will never understand why people accelerate so fast to go 1 block before the next stop sign. And as for clement, i would seriously suggest a 4 way stop on every block. as of now, cars dont know how to stop for crosswalk, and some residents dont understand not to run in front of cars. as well, teh amount of uturns for parking and doubleparking on clement is hideous and needs to be enforced. i think some people are used to driving in their own countries where there were very few rules. and agree with Walt that the sidewalks west of 5th ave are digustly dirty. the shopowners should be fined IMHO for not cleaning the sidewalks. Of course, all the election flyers(cut down trees) all over the place arent helping.

  19. where do you all think you’re going to get the gasoline or the electricity to power your precious f*cking cars?

    In a few years you’ll be lucky if you will be able to afford rent or mortgages….President Trump is going to screw this country like he did all those underage kids….

  20. Buses are highly regulated and it appears that the law restricting over weight vehicles on neighborhood streets has been ignored. Lets hope our new supervisor is interested, but lets face it … it isn’t only emissions snd the oxone, hot car engines add exponentially to global warming. How about compact horses?

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