This Sunday in GGP: San Francisco March for America


Most of San Francisco is shocked and saddened by the results of our presidential election, and fearful for what the next four years will mean for our nation, our families, and our friends. For over a year now, we have had to listen to Donald Trump’s bigoted, racist and sexist rhetoric that has brought out the worst in our electorate, and has resulted in what will surely be the worst presidency this country has ever experienced.

On Sunday, let’s come together to protest the results of our election and march for what we hold dear about our country and the democratic process: the freedom to express ourselves, tolerance, peace, education, safe haven for refugees and immigrants from around the world, equal rights, inclusion, justice, liberty and freedom.

The march will begin on Sunday at 11am on John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park, directly behind the de Young Museum (enter the park at 10th Avenue & Fulton) – Google Map. We will march west down JFK Drive to Ocean Beach. RSVP or Share the event on Facebook

Please wear a safety pin (#safetypin) attached to your clothing (we will bring some if you do not have any on hand). The safety pin began as a gesture after Brexit, to signify to those around you that you are a beacon of “safety”. In the US, it was quickly adopted after the election to show support for victims of hate. More info here on #safetypin

Sarah B.


  1. Hillary was supported and funded by the big banks. Her campaign and foundation were also funded by the same country, Saudi Arabia, that also funded 9/11. Saudi Arabia also executes gays.

    Hillary is a war monger who is owned by Goldman Sachs and would have passed her “gold standard” TPP.

    On the other hand, Trump bragged about his talents with the ladies (that were all consensual) and correctly stated that some illegal immigrants are rapists and criminals. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have stated similar things in the past. And of course, we don’t need to get into Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s female victims.
    In sum, these “protests” are pathetic and an absolute affront to progressivism. And they’re also funded by outside big money groups. Tell Mr. Soros hello, and please do thank him for his pins.

  2. Funded? These marches are funded? Who’s getting the money? None of the high school kids yesterday were paid.

    I love the idea of coming together in solidarity to let the government know that thousands upon thousands of us will not stand idly by and let hate win. I’m hopeful we can keep it peaceful and focused, and avoid the destruction and violence we’re seeing at other protests. That won’t accomplish anything right now.

  3. What are you protesting? The presidential election where one candidate was clearly the winner? The people have spoken and they elected Trump, why so many sore losers? Lets get on with life because all these destructive and hate fueled protests are just causing further damage to our communities and division within our country. Instead of getting people riled up, why not try to educate the youth and as adults set an example. The truth is, things don’t always go our way. Such is life, make the best out of it and try to stay positive. Trump is the president and it’s not the end of the world. Stop wasting your time like a child being angry spreading hate and fear because it’s not going to change the election results. Realize that your hatred towards trump is breeding the same hate that you are protesting. Seriously? Where does that even make sense? If you hold dear the democratic process and this country, you shouldn’t be protesting. You should respect the process, which you clearly don’t.

  4. Pay attention!!! Hillary received 200,000 more votes. Our “rigged electoral college” system is how Trump is getting elected!!!!

  5. Will there be an opportunity to cry together at this march? And can we all hug each other? I am so confused! I just don’t understand what is happening!

  6. Terrific! Will you be beating up Trump voters? Great! And break stuff? Even better!

  7. I mourn for the America we could have been. Hillary won the popular vote. #imstillwithher

  8. Yeah! I LOVE the smell of molotovs in the morning! Nothing like a good, violent anti-fascist rally on a Saturday morning before brunch!! Thanks for setting this up! DEAL ME IN!!

  9. The point is to publicly say – while Trump will be President – we do not approve of the hatred and bigotry he represents. This is a daytime March – it will not be violent but a chance to come together to heal.

  10. You people are out of your f…ing minds. Get a grip!! Man, man, man! Safety pins my ass!

  11. Thank you for posting. I think it’s very important to peacefully protest the hate-mongering and environmental destruction that Trump supports and encourages. JP: if you think really think “If you hold dear the democratic process and this country, you shouldn’t be protesting. You should respect the process, which you clearly don’t.”, you have no clue what democracy and our Bill of Rights is all about. What a shame, but not surprising for a Trump supporter to say. And what is wrong with wearing a safety pin to indicate in public that you support the human rights of everyone–not just white males?

  12. Sending love and light. I am with you in spirit. If the electoral college does not vote Hillary in, may we all lift each other up and protect one another from harm.

  13. #NotMyPresident Racist, Sexist, Anti Gay, Donald Trump is K.K.K #ImWithHer ?????

  14. I am sick of the right wing winning by the slimmest of margins and then calling it a mandate. The republicans need to be reminded that most of the country believes in global warming and that cabinet appointments should at least honor that. I have every right to express how I feel and wear whatever the hell I want, whether it’s a safety pin on my shirt or in my nose. There is nothing wrong with taking discourse to the street, as long as it’s peaceful. Get used to it.

  15. Those of you wanting to reverse the electoral college should go back to school and learn about how our representative democracy works.


  16. What a waste of time! People voted and one side loses. I’m so sick of the whiny and hateful left not respecting democracy. The liberal elite live in there own bubble and are out of touch with the rest of America. If you don’t like the results leave the country. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  17. This concept is ridiculous! We need to come Together. Trump is in. I never felt Hilary was electable. Everyone, take a deep breath! We will all be good. Move forward people! Be focused, be positive, be kind. HRC was not the answer.

  18. Their there. Education is useful, Rob S, for a variety of reasons. You should try it. Go back to school. #Imstillwithher
    (Liberal elite = educated/ employed)

  19. I can only imagine that each and every one of you who are against people coming together to voice dissent at what the president elect represents, are white male.

  20. i believe in free speech, but jon’s comments are full of crap.
    they are the same crap that was being spread though social media that was never based on fact. saudi arabia did not fund the clinton campaign
    the protests are not being funded by soros.
    but they are being sponsored by answer and that is why i will not attend, as many have been unfocused and deal with “intersectionality”
    if you are out protesting against the results, its a fools errand
    you should be protesting against everything the donald and his cronies stand for
    and dont let the wingnuts cow you with their memes about how they didnt take to the streets after obama won.
    dems didnt take to the streets after the wins of reagan or either bush
    this should be about the tenor of the campaign and how we will not forget how the con man donald got elected

  21. wow the hatred being expressed here is really scary. I’m supposed to trust you people with your guns? no way. you people voted for hitler.

  22. In 2012, Obama received 281,000 votes in SF. In 2016, Hillary received 248,000. That’s more than 10 PERCENT fewer votes.

    I’m not sure how close the 2016 number is to the final count (I think it’s close); but regardless, this pattern was repeated throughout the country. Where were the Hillary bumper stickers and lawn signs? Did Democrats who had supported Sanders come fully on board for Hillary? Did blacks who voted in record numbers for the first African-American president turn out for Hillary? Indeed, did WOMEN turn out for Hillary in any show of force for what was to be the first women president? No, no, and no.

    Trump didn’t win this election; Hillary lost it. San Franciscans on the Left can argue that they knew Hillary would win California so their vote didn’t mean much and they could vote or not vote as they wished. I don’t buy into the argument of popular vote (il)legitimacy; but for those who do, think how much stronger your argument would be if Hillary had won by four points nationwide instead of one. (Of course, in that case, she would have likely won the electoral vote too.)

    Want to protest, SF Democrats, people on the Left? Go stare in the mirror.

  23. I am reading these posts after the peaceful March in GGPark on Sunday. The crowd was polite and created great signs expressing their viewpoints. Many families attended with their children and family dogs. For those of us Californians who felt such great frustration after the defeat of Hillary Clinton, this was a warm and sharing time. As a senior has experienced the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement, I was somewhat shocked by the vitriol displayed in some of the preceding posts. The March for America on Sunday is the kind of unity that this country should strive towards.

  24. The liberal elite are frantic!!! For the first time since 1926 Republican have the House, Senate, POTUS and SCOTUS. Say bye bye to Roe v. Wade and hello to secure borders! The only advice I have is get with the program, or you can cry and say how racist America is and how Communism works so much better. With the way the electoral map looks today I don’t see a Dem winning the presidency for decades. GO TRUMP!!!

  25. We obviously have a lot more racists in the Richmond District than I was ever aware of.

  26. I am against him too! Would surely participate and invite some friends that carries the same goal. Anyways, is this kid-friendly?

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