It’s official: Sandra Lee Fewer is the next District 1 Supervisor

Sandra Lee Fewer, the incoming Supervisor for District 1

Sandra Lee Fewer, the incoming Supervisor for District 1.

After what seemed like forever, the San Francisco Department of Elections is nearly done tallying the votes for the District 1 Supervisor race. With just a few votes left to count, Sandra Lee Fewer has been declared the winner in the race.

In the latest – but still unofficial – results from sfelections.org on Monday afternoon, Fewer received 39.64% of the vote (12,175 votes total). Coming in second was Marjan Philour with 34.96%, followed by David Lee with 10.73%.

“Updated returns from the Nov. 8 election, released Monday, show that Fewer has a 1,300-vote edge over second-place candidate Marjan Philhour for the District One seat, with only 1,584 votes left to be tallied. The totals take into account ranked-choice results, under which ballots for candidates who finished at the bottom of the pack have been redistributed to their voters’ second and third selections,” wrote the SF Chronicle on Monday.

Philhour also conceded the election on Monday evening, writing on Facebook, “I want to convey my sincere congratulations to our next Supervisor, Sandra Lee Fewer…I am looking forward to taking the energy from our campaign and continuing to work together in our neighborhoods as we shape a future we can be proud of for our kids.”

Fewer declared her victory in an email to supporters on Monday evening.

“This victory is for our neighborhood. It’s a win for seniors on fixed incomes, immigrant households, longtime residents, and young families trying to build a life together in the Richmond District. After eleven months of listening to the needs and aspirations of Richmond District residents, I am honored and humbled to serve as Supervisor. I pledge to be responsive to the needs of our constituents, and I will work hard to be an attentive and thoughtful steward of our neighborhood.”

Fewer’s experience includes serving as PTA President for 12 terms at Richmond District public schools, and serving as a Commissioner on the San Francisco Board of Education since 2008. In 2010, she was also elected to the San Francisco Democratic Party and served for two years. Fewer and her family have lived in the Richmond District for over 50 years.

The District 1 election results (unofficial) as of November 21, 2016 16:01:15.

The District 1 election results (unofficial) as of November 21, 2016 16:01:15.

On her campaign website, Fewer outlines her top issues which include serving our neighborhood first; affordable housing, not trickle down; tenant protections; transporation for the 21st century; small business stabilization; and real solutions to homelessness.

Fewer will be sworn into office the second week of January, and plans to host a community meeting “to hear from residents about their central priorities and to discuss implications of the national election for San Francisco”.

Congratulations to Sandra Fewer, we look forward to seeing what the next four years will bring.

Sarah B.


  1. I’m glad she won. She had racist people attacking who she was and telling lies about her, so this is a nice present to the haters out there.

  2. its official, the richmond district wants 4 more years of mar
    and i dont want to hear any more complaining about the amount of money in politics
    what the two leading vote getters and the pacs supporting them spent per vote is disgusting

  3. Ugh. An awful result for the Richmond district. Sad to see another four years of the same old progressive bs. At least the power has shifted on the board of supervisors to more moderate views.

  4. I hope that the message conveyed thru such a close race is that while 12K wanted more of the Mar type leadership, another 10K of us were looking for more moderate change…. Overall I’m just happy to have a new supervisor coming into the office & hopefully she’ll be much more interactive & responsive to her district.

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