Coming to Clement: Gosu, an EDM-themed Tea House

The future home of Gosu at 1014 Clement near 12th Avenue

Bust out your glow sticks and necklaces, Richmond District. A new tea house is coming to Clement Street with an electronic dance music (EDM) theme.

Named “Gosu”, the new eatery applied for an application in April to change the space at 1014 Clement from a commercial space to a limited restaurant. Their application is currently being reviewed by the Planning Department.

Thanks to signs on the windows of the space, which was formerly Wu’s Healing Center, we learned that Gosu will be “an EDM themed Tea Bar, with Asian American Snack and Dessert Fusion Specialties”.

In many Asian dialects, Gosu means “expert, highly skilled, exceptional and master at that craft”, according to the door sign.

In addition to its aspirations to be a gathering place to “try new drink, snack, and dessert innovations”, Gosu will have an Electronic Dance Music theme that will represent a broad range of club and dance music.

“We were inspired by the mantra of PLUR which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect,” says the door sign.

Gosu hopes to open in late December / early January. They have an Instagram account and website but so far nothing has been posted. But we did find an earlier? Instagram that has some construction pics.

Sarah B.

Day 14 of Construction. Stay in touch with us through our journey!

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The sign posted on the door


  1. Far, far too trendy for me. I doubt they’ll be offering any early bird dinners or senior specials. My wants are simple, cheap coffee, a jelly donut, and maybe some Lawrence Welk music in the background. Sounds like I’ll be passing this place by except to look in at all the trendy people through the window. Dance trendy people dance.

  2. I’ve been eyeing this space to see when Gosu’s going to open. It sounds like a fun concept and more places for people to hang out and get snacks in our neighborhood, the better. It will be a different experience than hanging out at Cafe la Flore (which is great, too!).
    I don’t know that there’s much call for EDM-themed tea houses, but hey, why not. There is not much on this block of Clement and that storefront has been shuttered for quite some time, so bring it on!

  3. Yeah Rachael, get your dancing shoes ready. You strike me as one of the trendies. Bring it on indeed. Enjoy your hipster years.

  4. Hehe, Richmond Resident! I’ve actually got two extremely left feet. I’m about as trendy as… Hmmm… Something very untrendy!

  5. So who would I contact if I was interested in DJing here for fun some night? I’m a local, living just down the street. I’d love to play in the background… I’m a huge EDM fan, although my tastes tend towards the faster side of things… If the proprietors are reading, here’s a link to my mixes:


    And for folks curious about good EDM, check out that link and have a listen. I’m excited and curious to see how the place turns out!

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