Mr. Banh Mi to open on outer Balboa in former pizza restaurant

Coming soon to outer Balboa: Mr. Banh Mi

Readers Jim and Amy sent us pics this weekend of new signage on the old Victoria’s Pizzeria at 3605 Balboa.

Coming soon is Mr. Banh Mi, a Vietnamese spot offering sandwiches, snacks and drinks according to its awning. The restaurant’s Yelp page doesn’t say much else except “coming soon”.

The sign looks oddly familiar to us, but we could not find another Mr. Banh Mi in San Francisco. But perhaps this is a relocation for the restaurant to outer Balboa? If you know, leave us a note in the comments.

If you’re not familiar with the banh mi sandwich, SFGate had this apt description and history of the popular food:

Sometimes called a Vietnamese sandwich or a Saigon sub, the lineage is largely French. The French introduced the baguette and delicacies like pate and cornichons during colonial times, and, as the years went by, their sandwich was slowly hybridized by the Vietnamese.

Wheat flour, which had to be imported, was cut with rice flour, which gave rolls their signature airiness. Cornichons became pickled carrots and daikon. Pricey goose and duck livers were replaced by pork and chicken livers.

Add in staple Vietnamese herbs and spices, and the modern banh mi was born.

No word yet on when they’ll open.

UPDATE: Readers tell us that it’s owned by the same family that runs Kim Son Vietnamese, directly across the street at 3614 Balboa. Mr. Banh Mi will be run by Jimmy Quach, the son of the owners of Kim Son. Johnny says he’ll let us know when he’s readying to open.

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  1. My understanding is that the place is run by the children of the people who run the excellent Kim Son restaurant across the street.

  2. Yes! It’s the people from Kim Son across the street.

  3. That’s so awesome. I love Kim Son. A solid Vietnamese place and everyone is very nice. Really seems like a high quality family. Excited that they are expanding. Maybe Marla will bake their rolls?

  4. Wait, Grand Open is at 11am Sunday February 12. Hope to see you guys soon!

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