Thousands come to Ocean Beach to spell out “RESIST!!”

Thousands came out for a protest entitled “Resist Trump – Now!!” on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on Saturday

“I’m visiting from Florida and I wondered, is something go on here today?”

That was what one woman asked us when she observed several hundred people milling around on Ocean Beach at 11am this morning. The answer was yes, we were participating in a protest called Resist Trump – Now!, organized by San Franciscan Brad Newsham.

“This is a PEACEFUL, family-friendly rally open to all citizens and other humans of all visa and immigration statuses who would like to see the current President (and his whole administration) ushered out of the White House immediately,” Newsham wrote on the event’s Facebook page.

The objective was simple – gather enough people together to spell out, with our bodies, the word RESIST, in the sands of Ocean Beach. Newsham has organized similar protests in the past.

People began to gather and fill up the outlines of the letters. By 12 noon when the helicopter arrived overhead to shoot the scene, Newsham estimates 4,000 people were on the beach. That was enough overflow to form a second exclamation mark and an underline for emphasis. One of the exclamation marks was bright pink, thanks to being filled by women from Codepink.

Chants of “This is what democracy looks like!” and “Resist!” reverberated throughout the crowd as the helicopter took the overhead photos and video. Newsham spends $1,000 per hour on the helicopter for the event.

After forming the letters, all participants walked to the shore’s edge to form a human(e) wall.

More photos from the event can be seen here.

Sarah B.

Thousands came out for a protest entitled “Resist Trump – Now!!” on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on Saturday

Organizer Brad Newsham directs participants during the protest

The human(e) wall that formed at the shoreline


  1. Great photos of this loving & peaceful demonstration of strength and togetherness. It felt so good to be part of the HOPE we shared for our future. We shall overcome once again! We stand together to Resist Trump’s efforts to undermine our years of progress toward ‘liberty and justice for all.’ Let’s keep moving forward, not backward. Let’s move forward to be more inclusive, and less exclusive.

  2. How the H did I NOT KNOW this was going down??? So proud to be an SFer!

  3. Resist what exactly? Border security? Obamacare? Tax reform? Infrastructure? Without specifics, it’s just dumb.

  4. chants of ” this is what democracy looks like”?

    for one: the democratic process put trump in the white house.

    for two: the american form of government is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

    and for three: i have nothing else against such a protest.

  5. Those who comments are negative; ” you people are ridiculous” and “resist what” are entitled to make such comments – for now. But if you cannot see that the 45th President and his administration may feel they have the power and authority to take the right to make any comments they don’t agree with away – along with other rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, which IS the reason there is a need to RESIST, know that we will do our best to protect your rights as we protect our own. For now I would suggest you get a copy of the US Constitution and read it, and be prepared to thank us later.

  6. explain the movement. does resist mean something besides what it means in the dictionary?

  7. I will resist so that people can continue to make statements like “you people are ridiculous”. 1st amendment rights are for everyone.

  8. When republicans protest its racist and un-American anti-democratic behavior. We liberals and Democratics protest it is 1st amendment. Thanks Jennifer, I was confused but you have cleared it up for me and all of those unwashed souls who voted per our electoral system.

  9. THIS IS WHAT SORE LOSERS LOOK LIKE! The majority of the people, in the majority of the States voted for Trump. Get over your elitist entitlement.

  10. Hula Hoops for entertainment.
    All of these folks would fold up like a leaf if they had to form La RĂ©sistance.
    None of them would pledge much less give up their Lives, their Fortunes, or their sacred Honor.

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