Car drives through storefront of My Favorite Cafe on Clement

It’s been a tough 24 hours for Richmond District restaurants…

A black sedan drove through the front door of My Favorite Cafe at 2110 Clement near 22ns Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

Reader @NicoleCrittende sent us these pics, showing the nose of the car clearly inside the restaurant.

We don’t know yet if there were any injuries, but we will update you if we learn more about the incident. Hopefully everyone is ok.

UPDATE: Reader @ms_emmyalyon says the restaurant was closed yesterday with a sign saying that renovations were underway. So let’s hope no one was there today when the accident happened.

Sarah B.


  1. Distracted driver? Going to fast? No way someone driving responsibly ends up through a storefront.

  2. This driver is who city hall is prioritizing over the Geary st. bus riders.

  3. I was having lunch across the street, the driver and passenger seemed OK. What I gathered is that he was trying to park in that spot right in front of the cafe. Unclear if there was an issue with his car or whereas he mixed the stop and gas pedals!? Luckily, the restaurant was indeed still closed for renovations today. I heard they were about to reopen soon.

  4. @Syl

    I’d assume there’s a good chance a cell phone was in the drivers hand? Possibly texting, “we’re here, just found a parking spot!”………CRASH!!

  5. Last Friday February 24, a car drove through the door of the East West Bank on Noriega St in the Sunset. Luckily no one got hurt.

  6. They thought the sign said “My Favorite Parking Garage.”

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