Police ask public for assistance with investigation of Geary shootings

We received this newsletter today from the Richmond District station:

Many Richmond District residents are expressing concern over the recent series of damage to business windows along the Geary Blvd corridor. Here is a list of the businesses which have reported being victimized:

Similar incidents are also being investigated in other districts within San Francisco, as well as in Daly City. It is currently unknown whether the windows are being damaged with a firearm, a BB gun, or some other kind of projectile.

We need your help! The Richmond Station Investigations Team is aggressively investigating these incidents. However, there is currently no detailed description of the suspect(s). Anyone with information regarding these incidents is strongly encouraged to contact the Richmond Station Investigation Team, Sgt. Kerow at (415) 666-8003, or contact the Richmond Station Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 668-7387.

Richmond Police Station
461 6th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 666-8000
Anonymous Tip Line: (415) 668-7387


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