Little Taqueria (finally!) opens on 6th Avenue offering tacos, burritos + great guac

Little Taqueria, now open daily 11-4 at 200 6th Avenue

Ever since we started the blog 7 years ago, Inner Richmond readers have been demanding a good taco spot. Well their prayers may have been answered with the opening of new eatery Little Taqueria at 200 6th Avenue near California.

The new taqueria is the brainchild of restaurateur Emrah Kilicoglu, who also owns and operates Kitchen Istanbul on Clement at 5th Avenue. He teamed up with two other KI staff members – manager Nihat Karaarslan and grill chef Esteban Tilan – to launch Little Taqueria.

The Yucatan-themed menu offers tacos ($3.50), burritos ($8) and platos ($9), with the latter including black beans, rice, pico de gallo and spicy salsa. Diners can also add extras to their taco or burrito like sour cream, guacamole, and cheese.

We stopped in late last week during their soft opening to sample their veggie taco and housemade guacamole and chips. It was all delicious. The menu offers a variety of meat options as well including lechon (braised sour orange pork), bistec (slow simmered beef) and shredded chicken with spices.

Seating is a precious and very limited commodity at Little Taqueria – the whole space may be smaller than some reader’s home kitchens! Their emphasis will be on to-go orders. But that doesn’t mean they skimped on the interior, which features all new fixtures, fresh white subway tile, and a wall devoted to Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

The taqueria is so teeny tiny that neighbors were scratching their heads at why it took so long to open. Thanks to some unexpected demands from the city’s Dept. of Building Inspection, Kilicoglu was forced to delay the opening, despite being ready a few months ago.

Little Taqueria is open 11am to 4pm daily. This Saturday they’ll celebrate their official grand opening, offering free house made guacamole and chips all day long. Stop by and say “Hola!” to the newest taqueria on the block.

Sarah B.

The interior wall that honors Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

The team that runs Little Taqueria. L to R: Nihat Karaarslan, Emrah Kilicoglu and Luke Ryuma Scholey. Photo: Little Taqueria Facebook


  1. Very excited about this. However, wish their hours extended into dinner hours.

  2. There’s another taco place coming to Clement (Sarah, I think you mentioned it the other day?) to the storefront that used to be Quickly. This morning I noticed they have their name on their awning already – Tacos Los Maya (or something very similar). Excited for more dining options in the neighborhood.

  3. I got a burrito from there this weekend, it was mediocre. The lechon was not very flavorful, the solo option of black beans was disappointing, and they’re overcharging like crazy for guacamole and sour cream. Good thing chips & guac are free this Saturday – they’re listed as $5 on the menu. I’ll still go to Gordo’s when I’m not feeling like trekking to the Mission for a burrito.

  4. How can you only be open from 11-4 pm? Most people work 9-5…

  5. Open 11-4 is kind of bizarre. I get the 11 for lunch, but if you’re thinking about take-out dinners, you’re missing it. How is this place not going to fold like the other mexican places that occupied this space?

  6. $9 for a burrito!? I’ve got a hunch Little Taqueria will only be around a little longer…

  7. $9 is pretty cheap for lunch, but agree with others that they should be open until at least 8PM for takeout dinner.

    sarah, any more updates on Q? i was really hoping we would get a sit down mexican place, but oh well. I wish a Q like american down home food restaurant would take over old Q spot.

  8. Ugh. Reviews underwhelming here. And why not for dinner?

  9. I’ve had the tacos – chicken and pork, and they were delicious. I think they may expand their hours as they get themselves sorted out.

  10. C’mon folks, give them a chance. Leave your reviews on Yelp if you want to vent. They’re making a go of it in our neighborhood, so I for one wish them well.

  11. The reviews are helpful here. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? Weird hours, overpriced chips, delicious tacos, underwhelming burritos, possibly not as good at Gordo’s, etc. This is all helpful to the reader. Keep it coming!

  12. I found the burritos I tried to be excellent, both the lechon and the bistec. Not greasy in the least, and very fresh-tasting ingredients. Complaints about pricing are weird to me. If it’s too expensive for you, there’s a combination KFC and Taco Bell at Geary and 6th. Good food costs money.

  13. Nope, Burrito Mongerer, I don’t think that’s the point. Take your restaurant reviews elsewhere. Who knows, someone with an axe to grind can post a dozen bad reviews under different names here. At least that’s harder to do under somewhat authenticated sites like Yelp. I’m just looking for neighborhood news and info on this blog.

  14. I saw they were open & stopped by yesterday. I got a veggie taco and guacamole & chips. Everything was fresh & flavorful & so yummy! Perfect for a quick lunch in the neighborhood.

  15. Taste ok but over priced, that was the smallest burrito I ever bought ?

  16. Taste ok but over priced, that was the smallest burrito I ever bought! $9 for a tiny burrito =(

  17. I’m so happy they’ve opened! I know they use very high quality meats and other ingredients at Kitchen Istanbul, so I imagine they are for this place too! That’s probably why the prices are “higher”. If you don’t care about quality ingredients, you can go elsewhere, as noted in previous comments.

  18. i tried it . very quality food. definitely not overpriced. not sure where people are getting quality lunch in SF for less than $10. This is 10x better quality than gordo

  19. I wish I could try this place, but never will due to the inconvenient hours. Hopefully they can at least extend to 6 o7 so people can grab something on their way home from work.

  20. I overheard someone say it tastes like Chipotle.

  21. i was able to try this place and it was delicious! High quality, reasonable prices. I LOVED their chicken burrito. The meat wasn’t greasey at all, flavors were uber fresh, and the burrito wasn’t mostly rice like i get at other places. Chips and guac were awesome, homemade chips, not heated costco chips and boy did they give us a ton of guacamole, so much that i have leftovers for another meal! Totally got my money’s worth and i will go back on a weekend. Hopefully they will add more hours so i can go on my way home from work too. Welcome Little Tacqueria!

  22. I love this spot! I’ve now had their bistec and pollo horneado con especias and both were delicious. The dishes on their own are flavorful and combined come together really well. Most places over pack their burritos with rice, but these come with meat as front and center. Ingredients are fresh, flavorful, and you get a lot of bang for your buck! Going in starved, I usually leave with leftovers. Hours may be challenging, but if you’re in the neighborhood, I would recommend this place for a quick and delicious lunch.

  23. Well if it’s a Mexican restaurant I wonder why the blog didn’t mention the only Mexican Chef, Esteban Tilan, who helped with the recipes and the concept. Also, burritos aren’t a Mexican dish, they are American made, so I would try the plates, that’s where the real “sazon” will shine and flavors will combine. One more thought; Yucatan cuisine is WAY different than northern Mexican food, so you might want to keep that in mind when they don’t have pinto beans. I have not been there yet, but as a Mexican-American who lives in the Richmond and is always looking for that authentic taste, I will have to try it and see for my self. Feeling hungry!

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