After 34 years it’s the final week for Clement Street Bar & Grill; Heritage restaurant on its way in

The Clement Street Bar & Grill closes this week

This is the final week for the Clement Street Bar & Grill, which will close its doors after 34 years in business at 708 Clement.

The restaurant, known for its cozy booths, friendly bar and dedication to airing Giants games for former employee Baseball Mary, will be missed.

Owner Harold Baum is retiring, as is his partner in the business and the Bar & Grill’s kitchen chief, Hal Phu.

The 1905 building will be taken over by a new restaurant – Heritage – from award-winning chef Cameron Lewark and his partner Caroline McLaughlin. Lewark is a veteran of Spago, having worked at both the Beverly Hills and Maui locations where he was known for creating a Hawaiian fusion menu that drew heavily from Southeast Asian flavors and ingredients.

Cameron Lewark poses with his last boss, renowned chef Wolfgang Puck (@cheflewark)

We’ve been unable to find any information about the expected menu for Heritage, and chances are they’ll need to do some upgrades before they open their doors.

But in the meantime, be sure and stop by Clement Street Bar & Grill to say your goodbyes and thank you’s for 34 years on Clement Street.

Sarah B.


  1. One more time (stupid captcha). What was the name before? I seem to recall this place from the 1970s.

  2. Wow, too bad I am in NYC now. I used to go there for years before I moved. MY brothers still go there. They will be sad to hear this. It will probably turn into a high priced menu with fancy food. Oh well. Thanks for the great years!

  3. it was Tevya’s for a while before Clement St Bar and Grill

  4. Our Family grew-up at this restaurant! We have very fond memories there with Baseball Mary! She watched our kids grow up there and always made us feel at home! We will miss You! Love, John, Arlene,Shelli, Melissa, Sean and

  5. Arlene!
    I have tried to email you with no success.
    Do get a hold of me, please.

  6. So will everything be on the menu until close?

    I think I’ll pop in for a burger tonight, but really wouldn’t mind coming in on Saturday too if they’ll still have lambchops.

  7. It was Tevye’s Restaurant & Bar in the late ’70s/early 80s. Prior to that it was a very rowdy bar called The Clement Street Mixer.

  8. WOW! Sad that they’re closing, but I just bought a Groupon a week ago to this place. How could they sell Groupons when they’re going to close in a week??!!!

  9. It was called the Mixer in the 60/70’s
    In the 50’s it was the Rendezvous

  10. Because Groupon is a joke. Good luck getting a refund.

    Love the comments with history here. Very disappointed that they were recently closed all day when a group of us stopped by. Farewell. I won’t miss those watered down martinis, but there were some excellent waitstaff.

  11. This place gave me food poisoning… kinda glad it’s gone.

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